ZZ Top bassist reveals which YouTuber inspired him to play ‘Absurd’ 17-string bass

ZZ Top Bass player Elwood Francis has moved past explain why he whipped out -one massive 17-string bass guitar on stage with the classic rock band. Now he has frankly admitted which YouTuber inspired his choice.

YouTuber would be Jared Dinesthe rocker known for his metalcore themed videos of progressive djent riffs played on instruments with many strings. In fact, Dines directly inspired the ZZ Topper.

Watch the video at the bottom of this post.

Francis shared in a Nov. 12 Instagram posts, “Well…I thought I’d use this bass once or twice for no reason other than fun. It’s such a strikingly absurd instrument. We’d all laugh and move on.”

He continued, “But it’s gotten too much attention not to talk about the guy who actually came up with the idea: Jared Dines. The bass I’m playing is a Chinese-made POS. It’s a middle copy of something he plays, and he’s probably all mad. I don’t know if he designed it, but the cat is a great musician and watches me play simple ass bass lines that I could play with one string, while he’s made up music to make use of of the damn thing. Dude has moved beyond the 17 string and I’d suggest you check him out.”

Francis added: “I just hope he has a sense of humour.”

The Nov. 5, when ZZ Top took the stage at the Mark C. Smith Concert Hall at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville, Alabama, Francis momentarily swapped out his regular bass for the bright yellow 17-string, fan-caught footage shows. The video went viral because of the visual spectacle.

And while many laughed at the ridiculous-looking curio, which UCR reported, others noted similarities between Francis’ 17-string bass and the custom 18-string Ormsby guitar owned by Dines.

Dines addressed the similarities on Instagram, post a picture by Francis with the caption, “When ZZ Top uses a ripoff version of my 18 string guitar from some website. It even has ‘JD’ on the 12th fret LOL.”

But Dines found the humor in it. “Not mad at all!” he commented on Francis’ post. “At first I thought the picture of you playing it was photoshopped. I love that it’s real! Guitars get changed and remade all the time, I’m glad you had fun with it.”

Francis replied to him, “Dude, I can’t believe you’re playing this stuff! We thought it was a joke, but then found out about you. … Bravo damn it! The joke’s on me because I have to play it crappy piece of crap.”

Francis donned the 17-string during the performance of “Got Me Under Pressure” by ZZ Top’s Eliminatorthe same ZZ Top album that includes rock hits like “Sharp Dressed Man” and “Legs.”

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ZZ Top, “Got Me Under Pressure” (Live with 17-string bass guitar; November 5, 2022)

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