Zakk Wylde learned Dimebag’s guitar parts from YouTube

Zak Wylde resorted to YouTube when someone of Dimebag Darrell Abbott‘s guitar parts confused him as he braced himself for what was to come Panther tribute shows.

He takes over in the meantime Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante does the same of late Vinnie Paul. Older members Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown complete the quartet, which will be touring in the coming months.

“Phil called me one night and he just said, ‘Zakk, I talked to Rex. We’re thinking about doing this. We were wondering if you wanted to honor Dime,'” Wylde said in a new interview with Solar Guitars owner Ole Englund (video below). “I thought, ‘Well, of course!’ How should I say no? Send me the songs and the setlist so I can start learning this, man!’”

This is where the internet came in handy. “Any of these things that I was offended by,” Wylde added, when “I was like, ‘What the hell was that?’ I’d just go, ‘How to play “Hostile”‘ or whatever—I’d go on YouTube and just watch all these other great players play the stuff.”

He said it was “fun” and a “pleasure” to get to know his late friend’s parts, but he has already warned Pantera fans don’t expect him to sound like Dime. Wylde compares the experience to working out Randy Rhoads‘ parts after he came along Ozzy Osbourne‘s band in 1987. “Playing it with the record is one thing,” Wylde said, “but then you take the record away and ‘Okay, play it for me’ — it’s like, ‘We’re taking the GPS off your car !'”

Pantera are due to start working together in a few weeks ahead of their first show in December. 9 in Colombia. Wylde will be using guitars that Dime gave him along with some other original Pantera gear. “And then we just start going through it all — go over it quietly until we can start firing up and just go full volume,” he said.

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