Yung Joc: Why should we stop listening to R. Kelly’s music?

Yung Joc want to know why it is culturally unacceptable to listen to R. Kelly‘s music following his conviction, but art from the likes of Harvey Weinstein and Charlie Sheen has not received the same treatment.

The rapper/media personality discussed the topic in an interview with Vlad TV published on Friday (December 30). When the conversation turned to the vulnerable singer leaked I admit it album which briefly arrived earlier this month, asked Joc why he can no longer listen to his childhood favorite.

“Why is it that all his music has to be banned? Why?” asked Yung Joc. “Because it’s so many other people who have done bad things, been convicted of it. And their TV shows are still running or their music is still being streamed and played and sold… It’s like, we get it harshest punishment, man.

“I am not saying that in some cases it is not deserved. You know, you deserved it,” he continued. “I’m not saying that. That’s not the case, but I’m just saying we’re going to get the harsher punishment. Because I’m not lying, R. Kelly made some great music.”

He continued: “He made some timeless music and simply because of what he’s been accused of or convicted of, I’m just not supposed to listen to this person that I grew up with through my childhood into my youth to my adulthood? I’m not going to listen to this person anymore? Oh, he did something bad, so I’m supposed to just plain wipe him out of my mind?”

Joc finished his thoughts by asking why no one else is treated like that. “It’s like, why hasn’t anybody pushed for these things to happen to other offenders in the world? That’s what I’m going to say, because it’s just crazy to me,” he said.

I admit it appeared on streaming services earlier this month, but it was quickly pulled after Sony Music confirmed it was not authorized. Criminal Defense Attorney Jennifer Bonjean informed TMZ that she worked with R. Kelly’s entertainment lawyers and others on his team to determine who has access to his music, and states that they have identified a small group of potential culprits.

R. Kelly himself made a statement from prison regarding the project, denied that he had anything to do with it and even claimed that he is not the one singing.

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“Apparently someone faked an album called I admit it, and put it out there as if I was the one who put it out,’ he said in the prison recording. “And I’m not releasing any albums, I haven’t released any albums, I’m not even interested in releasing any albums because my only focus is the appeal and everything else.

“But it looks like someone wants this album out to mess with the appeal, because why would I put out an album called I admit it? Okay, so that right there makes no damn sense.”

R. Kelly is currently serving a 30-year sentence at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago after to be found guilty by a federal court in Brooklyn on one count of extortion and eight counts of violating the Mann Act in 2021.

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