Yung Joc tries to decode Kanye West’s ‘theatrical’ political views

Yung Joc has offered a simple theory behind it Kanye West‘s recent spate of controversial comments and erratic behavior: Yes is confused.

In an interview with Vlad TVJoc was asked why he thought it was possible for Kanye West to make statements that negatively affected the black community, such as his statement about George Floyd’s death caused by an overdose of drugs.

The rapper-turned-media personality said he believes that by handling some of the information brought to his attention outside the community, Ye has confused not only his core fan base, but himself.

“It’s just going to be a total theatrical nightmare,” Yung Joc said. “I feel sometimes that Kanye does certain things for certain ears. Kanye has done some things and seen some things and been a part of some things that we’re also not privy to, we’re not aware of. And when he did all that, he confused himself.”

Joc continued, “The lines got crossed. You know when electrical wires get crossed, what the hell does that do? It short-circuits the system. He just short-circuited his system.

“Somewhere in there, the same people [he thought would never turn on him]the same people let you sit on their ass because they can’t support certain things you do, no matter how hard you tried to gain their respect.”

Yung Joc went on to say that he felt there may have been some validity to some of what Kanye West has said – specifically about the level of influence Jewish owners can have over the media — you just didn’t think enough about how to express your opinion.

“I’m not saying anything bad about it,” said Joc. “Shit, if more Jews own the media, then what the hell. But when you say that, be aware that they control it. So if you go against it, what do you think will happen? Are they just going to freely speak your word out there in the street? Are they going to encourage you to go against them? It’s about understanding: you have to pick your battles and pick your battles wisely.”

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What he feels could have been more constructive would be for West to frame these discussions in an academic setting and seek out the support of experts, possibly in the Jewish community, to foster a better dialogue.

“Maybe he should have made a curriculum to talk about it from that point of view,” explained Yung Joc. “And get some people to come in and go that way. As opposed to him just having it on his mind and shouting it on a podcast. I’m not saying that’s all he did, because he did more. But I’m just saying, as strategic as this guy is, he didn’t prepare properly.

“Before you undertake certain tasks, you must plan your work first,” concluded Young Joc. “Then you work on your plan. We don’t do that. We get on platforms and just say what we want to say in the moment because it’s on our hearts. But when you say that, when you pull the verbal trigger, what’s the plan boy? What’s the strategy?”

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