Young thug co-defendant injured during fight with deputy

Atlanta, GA –

A lawyer for one of the 14 defendants in Young Thug’s YSL RICO trial has accused a Fulton County deputy of assaulting and injuring his client.

Defense attorney Angela D’Williams said that WSB-TV on Monday (Jan. 23) that her client, Rodalius Ryan, was struck in the head and fell to the pavement while waiting to be transported from the jail to the courthouse earlier that day.

D’Williams said the incident left Ryan (also known as Lil Rod) with injuries to his legs, hands and head. She also raised concerns about him suffering a possible concussion.

However, sheriffs say Ryan spit in the patrol car and “has been an ongoing problem.”

According to an incident report, Deputy Kandakai Morris told Ryan to stop spitting in the vehicle and that he would have to clean up. Ryan allegedly replied, “I’m not cleaning up,” before spitting again and hitting Morris in the face with his spit.

D’Williams denied that claim, saying her client “went ‘shh’ because he was upset about something.”

Morris then claimed in his report that he went to the rear passenger side door, opened it and advised Ryan to exit the vehicle, but his order was ignored. When the deputy reached into the patrol car to remove Ryan, the defendant allegedly stiffened his body and laid flat in the back seat.

Morris claimed Ryan then began moving his legs in a kicking motion. The deputy said he then grabbed Ryan’s ankle, pulled him from the seat and placed him on the ground.

However, D’Williams claimed her client was dragged out of the vehicle before he had a chance to voluntarily get out, resulting in his head hitting the pavement.

She also accused Morris of deliberately “agitating” her client and plans to file a formal complaint against the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office.

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Ryan is charged with simple assault and obstructing police in connection with the incident. He is currently serving a life sentence for a 2019 murder and has been charged with one count of conspiracy to violate the RICO Act in the YSL indictment.

Last week, Ryan was charged with unauthorized possession of a prohibited item by an inmate for his role in a alleged drug dealing in the courtroom involving Young Thug and another YSL co-defendant Khalieff Adams.

Adams was later transported to nearby Grady Memorial Hospital after law enforcement said he tried to ingest some of the drugs he was carrying, but Adams’ attorney Surinder K. Chadha Jimenez denied that claim and said his client was “tasted multiple times.”

“Shortly after Mr. Adams is taken to the rear holding cells, while the undersigned attorney, his client and several other people in the courtroom could hear loud bangs and yelling coming from the holding area where Mr. Adams was being held,” Jimenez wrote in a motion. “While the disturbance was taking place, several officers ran into the courtroom and entered the holding area where Mr. Adams was being held.”

He continued: “The undersigned attorney observed at least two officers remove their belts and firearms and then rush into the holding area. The sounds were disturbing to many in the courtroom and at one point the Honorable Angela D’Williams asked to go to the back to check on her client, but was not allowed. The undersigned attorney and possibly other individuals were concerned for the defendants’ safety.”

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