YSL case: Potential juror reportedly contacted Young Thug’s lawyer

Young Thug’s lawyer has demanded a potential juror in his client’s ongoing RICO case attempted to reach him and an investigation is now underway.

The claim was made during day five of jury selection for Thugga’s upcoming criminal trial and was reported by Cathy Russon, an executive producer at Law and order.

Brian Steele, Thug’s attorney, said a potential juror had sent an email to his company, and while the content of the email was not revealed at the hearing, it was enough for the judge to order an investigation.

“A potential juror attempted to contact #YoungThug‘s attorney’s law firm via email,” Russon wrote on Twitter. “Attorney Brian Steel forwarded the email to the court and the parties and did not respond to the individual. The judge has court staff investigate.”

The jury selection process has not been easy for Thugga since it began on January 9. Many potential jurors are reportedly worried about the length of the trial, which they have been told could last as long as six to nine months. One of the potential jurors also reportedly did not return this week after flying out to the Dominican Republic.

Judge Glanville has since ordered authorities to go to her home and demanded she be taken directly to court from the airport. Another juror also called in sick.

Potential jurors have already watched a three-hour video of Judge Ural Glanville reading YSL’s initial sweeping indictment, which included selected lyrics from Thugger’s 2016 song “Slime Shit”. which the prosecutors sought to have entered into evidence.

In a clip leaked to social media, Glanville can be seen reciting the song’s hook, which hears Young Thug rap: “Hey, this slim shit, hey/ Y SL shit, hey/ Killin’ 12 shit, hey/ Fuck a jail shit, hey/ … Boiling white brick, hey, hey/ […] I’m not new to this, hey, I’m so true to this, hey, I put a whole slime on a hunnid lick.

Judge Glanville also read lyrics from the song’s actual verses by Lil Duke, PeeWee Roscoe and Yak Gotti, including: “Slime or get slimed/ […] In the VIP and I got that gun on my hip/ You prayin’ that you live/ I’m prayin’ that I hit/ […] Hey, this slime-shit/ Fuck, fuck the police (Fuck ’em), at high speed.

Young Thug’s Lawyers filed a motion last November asking for the songs to be excludedlyrics, music videos and social posts from the evidence in the trial.

Gunna Called Out By 6ix9ine Over Young Thug & YSL Support After RICO Plea Agreement

YFN Lucci‘s the murder and extortion trial was also delayed due to Young Thug’s RICO lawsuitwith Atlanta-based reporter George Chidi tweeting that Lucci’s attorney had informed him that the delay was due to the “Everyday We Lit” rapper potentially being called as a witness.

“YFN Lucci’s trial was set to begin on January 9th, the same as Young Thug’s. The YFN gang and RICO case is as extensive as the YSL case,” Chidi tweeted. “The two are connected; Lucci is a witness. But Lucci’s trial date has been postponed, his attorney said Tuesday. No new trial date has been set.”

When his response was deluged with questions, Chidi clarified a few details, pointing out that precisely because Lucci is on the state’s witness list — which contains a host of other Hip Hop figures — this does not necessarily mean that he will take a stand.

“And here we go. Just to clarify: Lucci is on the state’s witness list. Doesn’t mean he has to testify, but he can still be called. Please don’t @ me with questions about cheating. I don’t care,” he added.

Young Thug faces a total of eight charges as part of the massive ’65 RICO case against his YSL collective.

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