YFN Lucci’s murder and extortion trial delayed because of a young thug

YFN Lucci’s the murder and waste case has been delayed due to Young Thug’s RICO trial set to begin Jan. 9.

Atlanta-based reporter George Chidi tweeted the update after speaking with Lucci’s attorney, who claimed a judge said that while Lucci’s trial was set to begin the same day as Thuggas’, Lucci’s was delayed so the “Everyday We Lit” rapper could potentially is further called as a witness.

“YFN Lucci’s trial was set to begin on January 9th, the same as Young Thug’s. The YFN gang and RICO case is as extensive as the YSL case,” Chidi tweeted. “The two are connected; Lucci is a witness. But Lucci’s trial date has been postponed, his attorney said Tuesday. No new trial date has been set.”

When his response was deluged with questions, Chidi clarified a few details, pointing out that precisely because Lucci is on the state’s witness list — which contains a host of other Hip Hop figures — this does not necessarily mean that he will take a stand.

“And here we go. Just to clarify: Lucci is on the state’s witness list. Doesn’t mean he has to testify, but he can still be called. Please don’t @ me with questions about cheating. I don’t care,” he added.

The update will come later YFN Lucci’s attorney previously claimed the rapper would not testify during Young Thug’s trial, despite his name being mentioned in the RICO indictment.

Lucci was stabbed by a fellow inmate while in prison in March 2021. Prosecutors allege that two YSL employees were behind the attack, and worked to get Thug’s permission to make another attempt on the rapper’s life.

A judge had initially claimed that Lucci (real name Rashawn Bennett) would have his day in court on May 12, 2022. This has since been pushed back numerous times and Lucci remains in custody in the Fulton County Jail.

The Atlanta rapper first turned himself in to police in January 2021 after a warrant was issued for his arrest in connection with killed by 28-year-old James Adams.

Young Thug Associate Who Allegedly Tried To Kill YFN Lucci Takes Plea Deal In YSL RICO Case

He was charged with murder, aggravated assault, participation in criminal street gangs and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

YFN Lucci posted bail but was soon arrested again when he was listed as part of one sprawling, 105-count racketeering charges focused on factions of the Bloods gang. Lucci turned himself in to police in May 2021 and tried to post bail again, but a judge denied his request.

Lucci and his lawyer Drew Findling have continued to maintain the rapper’s innocence. “He’s not a gang member,” Findling said. “What he is is an internationally recognized musical artist who is a triple platinum winner who has performed all over the United States and all over the world.”

As for Young Thug (real name Jeffrey Williams), the jury selection process for his own trial in Fulton County, Georgia began this week. The 31-year-old faces a total of eight charges as part of a 65-count RICO case against his YSL collective.

These include conspiracy to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act and two counts of participating in criminal street gang activity, which were filed when the rapper was originally charged in May 2022.

He has also been charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of codeine with intent to distribute, possession of cocaine, possession of a firearm and possession of a machine gun.

The high-profile trial is expected to last just over six months, with the media pool’s schedule running until September 23, according to Law and crime reporter Cathy Russon.

Young Thug has maintained his innocence, though the latest series of pleas entered by his co-defendants – below Gunna — is expected to complicate his fight for freedom.

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