Why Kerry King agreed to play on Sum 41 songs after saying no 10 times

Kills‘s Kerry King has occasionally jumped on songs with other acts, but the guitar major reveals in a recent interview that it took some convincing before he stepped up to the plate to play Total 41in 2002 Spider Man soundtrack contribution, “What We’re All About.” In fact, he tells Metal hammer that he said no “10 times” before finally signing.

As fans may recall, “What We’re All About” (or “It’s What We’re All About” as it was called on the soundtrack) featured a blistering solo from King about midway through the song, and the Slayer guitarist also made an appearance . with the band in the video. The track was released on the heels of Sum 41’s breakout success All Killer No Filler album, while Spider Man not only became a huge box office hit, but the corresponding soundtrack was a hot seller.

So what finally put it over the top for the guitarist? King exposed some record company intervention and some reasoning finally brought him on board. He tells Metal Hammer (as transcribed by Guitar world), “A friend of mine at the record company came to me with an angle that I just couldn’t argue with,” the guitarist recalls. “He was like, ‘Well, you know, you played on.’ Beastie Boys record [1987’s “No Sleep Till Brooklyn“].’ Damn! Haha, he has a point! That was my epiphany. That was before we put ourselves back on the map – those guys were fun and they were popping.”

Given the enormous popularity of the original Tobey Maguire joint Spider Man film and soundtrack, it put King in a spotlight that the guitarist or his band didn’t always get.

Reflecting on those guest spots, King adds, “So, yeah, I played on the Beastie Boys record and I played on the Sum 41 record. I mean, it wasn’t a choice for me, it was just a career choice that I made. Some people may agree with them and some people may not.”

Although “What We’re All About” was released as the second single from Spider Man soundtrack, it primarily gained traction in territories outside the US, hitting the top 40 in Ireland, Italy and the UK. Rewatch the video below, featuring King’s guest guitar solo and cameo.

Sum 41, “What We’re About”

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