Why Matt Bellamy thinks Muse + Iron Maiden are actually very similar

Mouse is a band that has gotten a bit heavier over time, especially on last year’s album The Will of the People and in an interview with Classic rockfrontman Matt Bellamy revealing his heavy metal… umm… muses… and how his band and Iron Maiden are actually very similar despite sounding worlds apart.

Bellamy says, “I think there’s definitely a little more metal creeping in this time around,” regarding Muse’s latest record, which is home to “Kill Or Be Killed,” a song with a dead brown from the singer/guitarist. The heavier influences this time are in part influenced by his son’s own taste in musicespecially Slip knot.

Yet Muse’s metal influences go back much further than that.

“Metal has always existed for us,” confirms Bellamy, “Growing up we listened to bands like Iron Maiden. And although we connected more through Nirvana, Rage against the machine and Splitting pumpkinswe’ve always had this love for 80s metal. Metallica was also a big one for us, but Iron Maiden was the British band and also felt a bit more punk rock in a way.”

Referring to very early Maiden, Bellamy continues, “The song ‘Phantom of the Opera’ [from Iron Maiden’s 1980 self-titled debut] doesn’t feel as bloated or overtly classical as other metal songs. There is still something quite angry and terrifying about it. That’s why Maiden is a band we’ve always looked up to.”

So how does Iron Maiden’s style stack up against Muse’s alt-prog rock?

“The use of the harmonic minor scale and the progressive approach to arrangements is something we share, even though we’ve never sounded like them and live in a different genre,” he explains, “We have a lot of respect for them as musicians, especially Steve Harriswho is one of the best bass players out there.”

Bellamy also noticed that he was hearing Gojira “a while back” and that it’s probably something that rubbed off on The Will of the People.

If you’re an Iron Maiden or Muse fan (or both!), you’ll have the opportunity to see each of them live this year. Mouse and Evanescence Will start with one North American tour from the end of February to the middle of April (get tickets here) and Iron Maiden will tour Europe and the UK on the brand new The Future Past tourwith particular focus on Senjutsu and A place in time album in addition to selected hits (few tickets here).

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