What rock and metal musicians think about Rolling Stone’s list of 200 greatest singers

Look, we get it, lists can be frustrating. Any time a publication posts a list, they are essentially asking for trouble. Rolling stones‘s recently published list of 200 greatest singers of all time caused quite a stir on the internet this week.

Rolling stones even expected people to be outraged by the list, so they included a disclaimer in the body, writing: “…remember this is the Greatest Singers list, not the Greatest Voices List. Talent is impressive; genius is transcendent Yes, many of the people here were born with massive pipes, perfect pitch and limitless range. Others have coarser, stranger or more delicate instruments.”

When you put into perspective how many genres of music there are and how many singers belong to each of those genres, 200 really isn’t a big number by any means. It is difficult to have such a limit. They had every right to add whoever they wanted, just as readers and music fans have every right to be horrified by the selections. That’s the meaning of music.

Although, yes, we agree that Celine Dion should have been included.

We have compiled a list of all of them rock and metal musicians who were on the listlike Ozzy Osbourne, Axel Rose and Chris Cornell, so you can check it out if you’re not interested in seeing everyone featured. But since it was released a few days ago, some rock and metal musicians have spoken out against the choices, so we’ve compiled another list of what they’ve had to say about it and which artists they think were snubbed or disrespected.

Scroll below to see what they had to say. And remember not to take the internet so seriously all the time. Your blood pressure doesn’t have to rise because of someone else’s perspective.

What do rock and metal musicians think of Rolling Stone’s list of 200 greatest singers

Here’s what musicians have said about Rolling Stone’s list of the 200 Greatest Singers.

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