WATCH: Thomas Rhett shares hilarious cover of ‘For The First Time In Forever’ from ‘Frozen’

by Tiffany Goldstein

24 m ago

Thomas Rhett has proven that he is the ultimate girl daddy…again!

That “Slow Down Summer” singer recently (August 1) hit hiatus from touring and brought home some Disney magic. The platinum-selling performer shared a hilarious cover of “For the first time in Forever“from the Disney animated film”Frozen.”

The country hitmaker recorded himself playing with a toy karaoke machine and singing along to the 2013 Princess hit. Within the viral clip, which garnered 626.3K views, Rhett harmonizes the recording with original artists Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel.

@thomasrhett more #fatherlife ♬ For the First Time in Forever – From “Frozen”/Soundtrack Version – Kristen Bell & Idina Menzel

“For the first time in forever | There will be music, there will be light,” Rhett sings, showing off his charming baritone vocals. “For the first time in forever | I want to dance the night away.”

Fans were pleasantly surprised by the fairytale-like rendition and begged Rhett for a full-length version.

“Full cover for the next album?!” asked a follower. “Not @ThomasRhett singing for Elsa 😂” said another.

The multi-platinum artist shares four daughters – Willa Gray [6]Ada James [4]Lennon Love [2]and Lillie Carolina [10 months] with the high school sweetheart Lauren Akins. Rhett is currently on his headline Bring The Bar To You Tourbut took the weekend off to spend quality time with his family.

In an earlier post on social media, Rhett gave a realistic #dadlife update and a sneak peek into the Rhett household.

@thomasrhett #fatherlife ♬ original sound – Thomas Rhett

“When you just get back from being on the road for 8 days…” Rhett wrote along with a chaotic video.

Before turning the camera around to show his daughters screaming and playing together, Rhett gave his fans an overwhelmed look.

While raising four daughters could be a handful, the rising artist said they inspire him to think outside the box when it comes to writing new music. Rhett toldSouthernLiving” at the 2022 CMT Music Awards that he turns to his kids’ favorite movies for inspiration.

“It makes me a creative writer. If I only listened to what was happening on country radio right now, I might just keep writing the same thing,” he explained to the broadcast. “But when I hear ‘Frozen’ or ‘Coco’ soundtracks, I get weird inspiration from them. I think that the wider you let your brain [be expanded], the further you can expand your own genre. In general, seeing my kids being funny and cute and living life while hearing these songs has given me so many ideas,” he added.

Rhett earlier mentioned that his girls played a vital role in cultivating his latest record,”Where we started.” After writing nearly 40 potential songs for the compilation, he brought his top picks to his loving family for constructive feedback.

“I started playing the record and I kept taking notes of the ones they would listen to over and over again,” Rhett said, before explaining that certain songs resonated with his teenage girls. “There were five or six in there, like now, when we get in the car, my 2-year-old will say, ‘Play daddy’s song, daddy’s song.’ And if it’s not one of the six, even if it’s an older song by me or a newer one, those are the only six she cares about. So they did for sure,” he confirmed.

He went on to say that musicians should not overlook the power of a child’s ear as they have the ability to turn a song into a smash hit.

“You can look at a kid and say, ‘You’re too young to understand.’ But I feel like kids understand feel-good,” Rhett said, pointing out that his daughters play the tracklist from the cartoon ‘Encanto’ on repeat. “That’s why Encanto is the greatest movie on the planet. I think,’ We’re not talking about Bruno‘ [is played] in my house 48 million times a day because it feels good.”

Rhett now performs tracks from the handpicked project on his nationwide trek with Parker McCollum and Conner Smith. The must-see show is currently hitting iconic venues across the US and will conclude in Dayton, OH on October 15th. Tickets can be purchased here.

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