Wallo is blessing fans with free money on Thanksgiving

Wallo is giving back in a big way this Thanksgiving, even though his plans to help were nearly thwarted before they even started.

In a post on Instagram on Thanksgiving morning (November 24) Games worth millions of dollars host pulled up to a Philadelphia target with plans to let 15 women shop until they drop. “I’m taking 15 ladies,” he says in the video. “You go into Target, you get two carts. I don’t care what you put in the cart! I’m buying it.”

Unfortunately, he found out moments later that Target was closed for the holidays – but that didn’t stop him. A few women started pulling up after he put out the mail, and instead he blessed them with cash.

“Target is actually closed today but apparently I’m still out here slamming it in their pocket like a rocket,” Wallo said in another post. “I’m trying to tell you gentlemen—take them to Target. They love Target.”

Clearly passionate about helping the community, Wallo was actually moved to tears earlier this year when he called on Lil Durk and the OTF family to stop the violence on the streets and any feuds they may be involved in.

“I can name 20 or 30 n-ggas of my homies that are dead, but I’m still here,” Wallo said on an episode of the podcast on which Durk was a guest. “I forgave my brother’s killer. I say this to say this: My brother died in my grandmother’s arms in the house we grew up in… They shot my brother and he died in the nanny’s arms when she opened the door.

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“If I didn’t let that shit go, I wouldn’t be here today for my nieces and nephews and me and Gillie wouldn’t be doing this. You wouldn’t know me… I had to let that shit go . When I let that shit go, I started growing and I started glowing. It was harder than a muthafucka.”

Wallo’s podcast partner Gillie Da Kid has also recently weighed in on the violence that has plagued the hip-hop communityspecifically, the death shot of Migos rapper TakeOff.

The rapper-turned-podcast host expressed his disgust at those sharing footage and clips from the scene TakeOff’s death after he was shot and killed in Houston last month.

An animated Gillie took to her Instagram story and called for change when it comes to “clowns” taking out their phones, recording and posting videos on social media when something tragic happens to a black celebrity.

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