Waitress reportedly fired after recording video of Axl Rose at Brazilian hotel

A waitress who worked on Juma Opera Hotel in Manaus, Brazil was reportedly fired yesterday (August 30) after taking a video of Axl Rose on the premises, according to Boletim Amazonia [translated via Google Translate].

Guns N’ Roses are currently on tour in South America, with the first show taking place tomorrow at the Arena da Amazonia in Manaus. The video taken by the waitress shows Rose standing on a hotel balcony waving and looking down, fans screaming in the background. The singer then re-entered, escorted by a security guard and his longtime manager Beta Lebeis.

The Brazilian publication noted that the waitress was fired after the video was leaked. Approached by the press outside the hotel, she said: “I’m a big fan, I just wanted you to understand my feeling. I didn’t run up to them, I didn’t make a fuss, I served them with big feelings . It’s the best band ever, it’s our story and it’s for us, it’s not fair.”

She then showed off a tattoo of guns and roses she has on her lower back, indicating her admiration for the rockers.

Apparently, the other fans of the band who were outside greeting Rose heard about her firing and began protesting outside the hotel, asking management to forgive her.

“A fan’s love cannot be punished,” said one man.

A few other GN’R fans reacted to the news on Twitter. Several users reported that hotel staff were specifically told not to photograph the band members’ presence there, and that one of the consequences of doing so would be firing. It is unknown whether this has been confirmed by the hotel.

“Hey Axl, a woman got fired for filming you in the hotel in Manaus, I’m asking you to have compassion for her, I know I’ll never get close to you, but seeing you up close for a video already does fans happy.” wrote another fan, tagging the singer in the tweet.

Guns will tour throughout South America until mid-October. See all the dates on their website.

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