Ville Valo plays 9 HIM songs at first solo show + Now our hearts hurt in the best way

At his first ever live performance under the new name VV, Will Valo reclaimed a significant chunk of his past while also looking to the future, evenly dividing his 18-song setlist into nine new tracks and another nine HI M covers.

The show was held on Jan. 13 at Tavastia, a nightclub in Finland, which kicked off Valo’s European run in support of his new album, Neon Noir. It also happens to be the same venue where HIM played their last show in December. 31, 2017 after announcing that they would be breaking up at the end of a world tour earlier that year. It’s a little poetic that the singer ended his career with HIM and launched a new one in the same place, but it’s just what we all expect from the gothic heartthrob.

The most interesting thing about the set list is that it alternates between Neon Noir and HIM songs, one at a time, opening with “Echolocate Your Love” before going into the HIM catalog for “The Funeral of Hearts” and then back to the present with the title track, and so on.

In total, Valo and his band played three songs Love metal (“Funeral of Hearts”, “Buried Alive by Love”, “Soul on Fire”), twice Razorblade Romance (“Right Here In My Arms,” ​​”Join Me In Death”), another couple from Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666 (“When Love and Death Embrace”, “Poison Girl”) and a piece from Venus Doom (“Kiss of Dawn”) and Dark light (“Wings of a Butterfly”).

Check out the full setlist below, and watch fan-filmed video footage of select songs from throughout the night below. And to read about what Loudwire loves about Valo’s new Neon Noir album, main here.

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Ville Valo Set List — Jan. 13, 2023 (via

01. “Echolocate Your Love”
02. “The Funeral Of Hearts” (HIM)
03. “Neon Noir”
04. “Right here in my arms” (HIM)
05. “Loveletting”
06. “Buried Alive By Love” (HIM)
07. “In Trenodia”
08. “Wings Of A Butterfly” (HIM)
09. “Heartful Of Ghosts”
10. “Join Me In Death” (HAM)
11. “The Forever Lost”
12. “The Kiss Of Dawn” (HAM)
13. “Run away from the sun”
14. “When love and death embrace (HIM)


15. “Soul On Fire (HIM)
16. “Homage to the Sanguine”
17. “Poison Girl (HAM)
18. “Saturnine Saturnalia”

Ville Valo, “Right Here in My Arms” (HIM cover) – Jan. 13, 2023

Ville Valo, “Funeral of Hearts” (HIM cover), “Neon Noir”, “Buried Alive by Love” (HIM cover), “In Trenodia” – Jan. 13, 2023

Ville Valo, “Wings of a Butterfly” (HIM cover) – Jan. 13, 2023

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