Uncle Murda says writing for Kanye West made him understand Big Sean’s problems

Uncle Murda has revealed he wrote for Kanye West at some point and his frustrations made him understand what Great Sean went through when it comes to dealing with Ye.

Murda recently joined DJ SuperstarJay for an interview on SiriusXM’s Shade45 where he opened up about Yeezy putting him to work on the writing front during their first meeting with each other.

“[Kanye] got me started writing. It was me and Big Sean. This damn near the first day I fucked the n-gga. That’s how I know Big Sean was really mad at n-gga when they had their issues.

“Because I remember I was just in the studio and Ye was like, ‘Damn.’ Also try to work on this beat, I’ve been screwed for the past few days, I can’t come up with anything.

“I remember Big Sean. “Easy, cool.” I’m like, ‘That n-gga wants me to write already?’ No slack or nothing – just go. It was him and Steve Stoute.

It’s unclear which album or timeframe Murda worked with Ye, but Sean’s issues with the GOOD Music mogul are well documented. The Detroit Sputter left the label in 2021 after being signed to Kanye for 14 years.

Sean argued Kanye still owed him $6 million on what his lawyer referred to as one of the “worst” record deals he had ever seen.

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“I love Kanye, bro,” Sean said during his Drink Champ’s appearance. “I love him for the opportunity he gave me and all these things. But I thought what he said was bullshit.”

He was referring to Kanye’s cold-hearted comments at Drink Champs when the “Flashing Lights” rapper said it was to sign Big Sean. “the worst thing” he has ever done as a manager.

“Let me tell you,” Ye began. “I’ve already decided that when I die, my tombstone will say, ‘I deserve to be here because I signed with Big Sean…'”

Uncle Murda made Kanye a focus of his 2022 Rap Up. The 15-minute track finds him dedicating plenty of bars to Ye, whom he named “Donkey of the Year” for his various controversies, including his anti-Semitic and pro-Hitler remarks, White Lives Matter shirts and comments about George Floyd.

“Let’s talk about Kanye being anti-Semitic, the adidas deal that made him a billionaire died / Now he’s only worth about four, five hundred M / He lost his mother, Pete Davidson started fucking Kim / He dressing dusty now, he don’t even look rich / He’s been looking stressed since the white boy took his bitch.” Murda raps over a soulful, hard hitting beat.

“You already know JAY-Z is ignoring him, he insulted George Floyd, black people don’t support him / He was on ‘Drink Champs’ and sounded like a fucking clown / NORE and they had to take the interview down / He defended the cop who had George Floyd on the ground, he says stupid shit when there’s a camera around / And it’s like he says this shit without hesitation, his friends gotta make sure he takes his meds.” he continues.

“Maybe he’s not crazy and that’s really how he feels / Lately he keeps taking shots at Diddy and Meek Mill / No more Yeezys, no more Balenciaga deals / Banned from Instagram, damn it n-gga gotta chill / Fuck Donkey of the day, he Donkey of the Year, bro / Even Pusha T had to cut ties with that freak / He did it to himself, I really don’t get it n-gga / What the hell would make him to go and say he a fan of Hitler? / He confused, Kanye will be a crack / That n-gga made T-shirts that said “White Lives Matter.”

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