British police posed as a hip-hop record store in Undercover Sting

A new investigation has revealed that Boombox, a former Hip Hop record store in north London, was actually run by undercover officers as part of a sting operation.

Dubbed “Operation Peyzac”, the half-million pound sting – which was revealed in a detailed report by Deputy on Monday (November 21) – was in a bid to control guns and violence in the area – and the Met connected the recording studio behind with CCTV to do so.

According to a 2016 Daily mail The report put the operation 37 alleged “armed criminals” and drug dealers behind bars for a total of 400 years. Deputy reports that the majority were black and between the ages of 16 and 41.

“The undercover officers attempted to portray themselves as having unspecified criminal connections in order to infiltrate relevant individuals to gather evidence of their levels of criminality,” said Abbas Nawrozzadeh, senior consultant at Eldwick Law. Deputy: “This was one of the biggest undercover operations in London in recent years.”

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Acting as the defense attorney for a 19-year-old black man arrested in the sting, Nawrozzadeh noted how his client looked up to the undercover officers, believing they would help him.

“Our client, like many of the other defendants, looked up to the undercover officers as ‘seniors,'” Nawrozzadeh said, “experienced and accredited, including in terms of criminal ties, music producers who were able to make them famous. “

Former Merseyside Police Inspector Richard Carr was also interviewed for the piece and said that while undercover work is still useful, it must be done ethically.

“I think undercover police have an important role to play in policing,” Carr said. But it must be done ethically and proportionately. You have to play by the rules. It all has to be approved. Some of these may be innocent people who have been caught. And I don’t know if that is the case [here]but what it does not mean is that secret police are ineffective.”

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