UFOs Phil Mogg suffers heart attack

UFO‘s final shows are in doubt after Phil Mogg suffered a heart attack. The 74-year-old frontman says his doctor told him he should consider ending his career after the incident last week.

“I have just come back from my doctor, and of course asked, among other things, [about] my resume work, play, tour etc,” Mogg wrote in a message on UFOs social media channels. “She said, ‘Most definitely not unless you want another heart attack.’ So there it is.

“I have to go on a rehab program which starts in about six weeks and lasts for six weeks – three months more or less,” added Mogg, who the band confirmed had stents placed in two arteries. “I certainly wouldn’t stoop like this, as I’m sure you didn’t.”

UFO’s pending October shows have officially been cancelled. In the same post, the band said it is “absolutely unclear if the dates will be pushed back to 2023. The most important thing now is that Phil makes a full recovery. Let’s see what the future holds.”

The group was nearing the end of a farewell tour that began in 2019. UFOs last show was set for next month in Athens, Greece, after a handful of shows across Europe over the summer. Mogg and drummer Andy Parker are the only remaining original members. Longtime guitarist Michael Schenker left in 2003 while co-founding bassist Pete Way died in 2020.

Reflecting on the band’s career, Mogg previously admitted that this October race would be bittersweet: “After so many years of countless highlights, amazing experiences and lots of beautiful memories – as well as some difficult moments of course – it will be a worthy finale to say goodbye to your fans in person. I know that there will be sure to be some very emotional moments on both sides.”

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