Tyga recalls ‘Conflict’ that led to removal from Pop Smoke song

Tyga and Pop Smoke created a handful of songs together before the latter’s passing, but there would have been one more if not for another artist’s caveat.

In an interview for Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson released on January 12, Tyga opened up about working with the late rapper and what got in the way of one of their collaborations.

“We had done two records before he passed, and then one of them — there was a conflict on it, so I thought, ‘That’s cool, take me away from it.’ I don’t trip.’ Someone else didn’t want me on the song… another artist,” Tyga said. “So I thought, ‘That’s cool.’ I don’t trip. Anyway, let’s just do something else.’ And that’s how cool he was.”

He continued: “And we did another song and then we finished it, but we didn’t finish the last song because it had gone right before the album came out. But he had texted me like, ‘Yeah, I want a Latin artist on, a female artist. Who do you think?’ And I was like we gotta put Karol G on it because at that point I was like, ‘Karol G’s poppin. Let’s put her on it!’ So we end up putting her on it for that album.”

The song Tyga referenced is “Enjoy Yourself” from Pop’s posthumous debut album, Shoot for the stars, aim for the moon.

“And then I did another song with him and Quavo that they did that I jumped on later,” he added, referring to “West Coast Shit” from the same album. “And then the record ‘Sunshine’ was a song he made. My boy used to do all his A&R stuff so he made a record for him and then he had the verse and we just put him on there and it just made sense.”

Tyga went on to compare Pop Smoke to 50 Cent and explained how he saw a similar trajectory for Pop before he was tragically killed.

“He was from here, bro. He was different, bro,” Tyga said. “He was a star — his whole vibe. He definitely would have changed rap as far as how it feels now. It’s almost like when 50 came out and was super gangsta, but then he started making tunes, he started making those records and those records got bigger. I also feel like Pop Smoke – his melodic records are bigger than his street songs.”

Pop Smoke Mural Vandalized in Brooklyn

Four men have since been charged in the February 2020 murder of Pop Smoke, including the alleged killer who was only 15 years old at the time. Police claim their motive was to steal Pop Smoke’s diamond-encrusted Rolex and Cuban link chain, but they only managed to push his watch and later sold it for just $2,000.

One of the suspects 21-year-old Corey Walkerconfessed to a cellmate that the crew only found out about Pop’s location through his social media.

Prior to the shooting, Pop Smoke had posted an Instagram story about designer bags lists the address of his Los Angeles-based Airbnb on the packaging.

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