Twitter has hostile reaction to Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge trolling Elon Musk

As loved as Blink 182 frontman Tom DeLonge er, he provoked a generally angry reaction from the twitterverse with a tweet trolling Twitter’s CEO Elon Musk. The short and biting tweet from DeLonge garnered a seemingly endless stream of mostly wry responses from fans of Musk.

A little background: On Thursday afternoon (Jan. 5), DeLonge quoted a message from Musk that simply said “Hi, Tom!” However, Musk did NOT talk to Tom DeLonge. “Hey Tom!” was for twitter user @lrocketreal name Tom Mueller, who is an aerospace engineer and designer of rocket engines. Mueller is currently CEO of a company called Impulse Space, but was previously one of the first employees at Space X, Musk’s famous rocket outfit. Looks like Musk just said “yo” to a fellow rocket scientist and former colleague.

Regardless, DeLonge co-opted the tweet and responded to Musk: “What the hell, man. Wish you’d stop trying to make people like you.”

The reaction to DeLonge’s wild burning on the head by Twitter may have backfired. A bulk of the responses are a staunch defense of Musk. Like, “(Musk) doesn’t have to try. He’s just likable. You on the other hand seem to be trying super hard to get a niche market of people to like you.” Or “Did he even refer to you… hated Elon trying to get people to like you… love the music, maybe stick with it.” Or “Tom loves your music, but go back to conspiracy stuff.”

Another, sarcastic response, “Imagine loving the Tesla man more than Tom DeLonge.” A tweet takes aim at high price for Blink-182 concert tickets“With as much as your tickets cost, you have almost as much money as Elon!”

Not all responses were pro-Musk, however. Chipped into the thread: “ah another good tweet from tom thank u,” “This is the best thing I’ve seen all day and I’m in wonderland!” and “Every day that goes by makes me like Blink even more because of stuff like this.”

You can read a mix of tweets below. Blink fans beware, some are getting pretty heated with Tom.

DeLonge isn’t the first rock star to approach Musk. Some quite simply left the platform when Elon took charge. Nine inch seamTrent Reznor accused Musk of carrying “the arrogance of the billionaire class.” Jack White was furious with Musk for reinstating former President Donald Trump’s Twitter account. Elton John said he will no longer use Twitter because of (Musk’s) “change in policy that will allow misinformation to flourish unchecked.” Granted, most of these musicians expressed their displeasure on other forms of social media and avoided a backlash. (Elton still has a Twitter account, though he doesn’t seem to be tweeting anymore.)

So far, Musk has not responded to DeLonge’s tweet. Check back here for any updates. And take a look at the reply thread below if you dare. Ouch.

Twitter Reaction to Tom DeLonge’s Elon Musk Troll

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