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Trisha Yearwood donates $ 3,000 to an animal feed drive: “We are so grateful”

by Tiffany Goldstein

1 m ago

Trisha Yearwood feeds one furry friend at a time.

That Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection the partnership with Smiths supermarket and Best Friends Animal Society to host a pet food drive on June 18 in Salt Lake City, Utah. All donations made during the charity event went to the pet food chamber of the Best Friends Lifesaving Center.

Yearwood’s nonprofit works with animal rescue organizations, urban interests, and animal lovers who are “dedicated” to making Utah a state without killing. To help drive their initiative, the Best Friends Lifesaving Center provides resources from their pet pantry to low-income owners and local cat care providers.

According to one Press releasethe shelter also provides meals on wheels to deliver food, waste, toys, kennels and other supplies to people’s homes.

The Best Friends Animal Society Recently (June 21) revealed that the collection handed in 200 cans of animal feed, 700 pounds of dry cat and dog food from compassionate locals. The multi-platinum artist donated £ 500 off her Trisha Yearwood Dog Food, and Smith’s matched the donation.

That “Thinking of youThe singer came past the charity event to pose for photos and present Best Friends Chief Mission Officer Holly Sizemore with a generous $ 3,000 check in support of the Pet Chamber. While handing out the gift, she made it a priority to visit two adoptable dogs – Primrose and Amity.

“Sometimes a bag of pet food makes all the difference between keeping a dog or cat at home, or whether someone has to make the painful decision of leaving their pet in a shelter.” divided Sizemore. “We’re so grateful to the Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection and Smith’s for their incredibly kind donations to our pet pantry.”

In 2021 alone, BFAS distributed more than 110,000 pounds of kibble in the Salt Lake City area. The Pet Food Pantry, which provides emergency assistance, was established in 2014. The group is one of the leading animal welfare organizations working tirelessly to stop the killing of animals in America’s shelters by 2025. BFAS runs lifesaving programs throughout the United States and is the nation’s largest non-kill animal reserve.

The hitmaker has always been an animal advocate and was inspired by his own rescue puppies to start the Trisha Yearwood Pet Collection. Their mission is to help “Every Dog” find their fur home. Yearwood collaborates with shelters across the country to raise awareness about castration / castration and to encourage individuals to adopt, not shop.

Yearwood also supplies special products from food, clothing, care equipment and treats worth for the puppy. Visit to learn more about Yearwood’s mission and how she makes a difference trishayearwoodpetcollection.com.

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