Toyah Willcox and Robert Fripp cover Metallica’s ‘Seek & Destroy’

In their ongoing YouTube series, Toyah and Robert’s Sunday lunchToyah Willcox and King Crimson‘s Robert Fripp put their stripped down, in the kitchen spin on Metallica’s Kill them all classic,”Search & Destroy.” Not only that, but the song gets a little bit of the holiday treatment; see for yourself in the video below.

Watch Toyah and Robert’s Sunday lunch Cover of “Seek & Destroy”

Fripp and Willcox have been the hosts Sunday lunch for almost two years. They first started doing a “lockdown lunch” during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and have remained faithful to sharing their performances on Sundays, covering everyone from Guns ‘n’ Roses and Led Zeppelin to Alice Cooper and Foo Fighters.

More than traditional cover tracks, fans can always expect Willcox’s personality and Fripp’s unwavering chops to shine through – evident on their cover of “Squeak”…we mean, “Seek & Destroy.”

This is not the first time Fripp and Willcox have covered Metallica. In January 2021, they share their interpretation of “Enter Sandman.” Check it out below.

Watch Toyah & Robert’s Sunday Lockdown Lunch‘s cover of “Enter Sandman”

In an interview with Rolling stones after they released the first Metallica cover, Fripp told the magazine that “Enter Sandman” was his favorite song of the moment. When Willcox threw in Alice Cooper’s “Poison” as his favorite, Fripp added:

I mean, they’re all absolutely amazing things. I’m blown away by the original guitarists on these tracks. Phenomenal development and playing mainly since the late seventies and early eighties, Van Halen onwards. Steve Vai, Satriani, the Metallica boys… The originators of the riffs are phenomenal players. I go back, listen to the original versions on record, watch live performances, look at different interpretations and guitar covers on YouTube. Then I must honor the spirit of the music and at the same time make it my own.

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