See Toto’s ‘Africa’ recreated in ‘Minecraft’

ONE Minecraft user has allegedly recreated Totohit song”Africa” on the gaming platform.

Minecraft is a 3D video game where players can build different structures across different settings. Users can also work with “note blocks” that emit a sound when manipulated.

ONE Minecraft the creator called “Stacinator” has used these elements to create Toto’s “Africa” ​​in 3D format, a process that took them three months. “Honestly, I started in the same place and little pieces of concepts just eventually started to click after tons of practice and error,” explained Stacinator on Save your.

You can watch a video of the creation below.

“This project for me was a culmination of a lot of different ideas that at one point I thought were beyond my capabilities, so I’m really proud of what I’ve learned,” Stacinator noted, urging a colleague. Minecraft users not to give up on the game. “I really encourage you to keep going! You might surprise yourself with what you can do. I know I did.”

Released in 1982, “Africa” ​​reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. It has since become a chart topper and has been covered by many artists.

“The lyrics are ridiculous, but I think the fact is they’re not political, they’re not a love song. It’s just a silly little song that has a groove and makes people happy and a really catchy tune,” guitarist Steve Lukather said of the song in 2021, noting that he and the rest of the band did not expect “Africa” ​​to become a hit at the time they released it. “No one is more surprised than we are.”

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