Tory Lanez’s new lawyer helped Snoop Dogg beat the 1993 murder case

Tory Lanez new lawyer has a history of scoring major legal victories for rappers who have helped in the past Snoop Dogg beat his 1993 murder case, it has been revealed.

The Toronto-born rapper went through with his legal team earlier this month after being found guilty of shooting Megan Thee Stallion in 2020 following a high-profile trial in December.

Tory parted ways with its defense attorney George Mgdesyan and hired David Kenner as he prepares to appeal his conviction. “I don’t appeal, so we had to get someone on board to handle the appeal,” Mgdesyan explained to Rolling stones‘s Nancy Dillon of the move.

While there has been plenty of talk surrounding Kenner’s history of representing Suge Knight in court Law and crime reporter Meghan Cuniff — who covered the Tory Lanez-Megan Thee Stallion trial — highlighted another of Kenner’s Death Row Records connections Monday (January 9).

“Kenner’s biggest claim to fame seems to be getting Snoop Dogg acquitted of murder, aka ‘murder was the case they gave me,'” she wrote on Twitter. “He told me he has a video of Snoop at his 80th birthday party where he says, ‘Without David Kenner, there would be no Snoop Dogg.'”

Kenner, now 81, represented Snoop Dogg during his high-profile murder case from 1996which was about the killing of an LA gang member named Philip Woldemariam three years earlier.

Snoop with him bodyguard McKinley Lee, was charged with first- and second-degree murder, as well as voluntary manslaughter and conspiracy to commit assault. Snoop faced an additional accessory-after-the-fact charge.

After six days of deliberations, the jury found Snoop and Lee not guilty of the murder charges. That Doggy style the rapper was famously photographed bowing his head and clasping his hands as if in prayer after the verdict was handed down.

He also addressed the matter on his 1993 song “Murder was the case,” as well as the short film and soundtrack of the same name the following year.

Snoop Dogg’s ‘Murder Was The Case’ Bodyguard Thoroughly Retells Fatal Incident

“They made the right decision,” Snoop, who was 24 at the time, told reporters as they leave the courthouse. “This has been an ordeal that has affected our lives for the last two and a half years. I was just trying to figure out if I wanted to be here to raise my son.”

50 cents announced in December 2021 that he was develop a television series about the trial called A Moment in Time: Murder was the Case. He later revealed that the series was “no longer in production at STARZ” and criticized the network for “dropping[ping] the cursed ball.”

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As for Kenner’s history with Suge Knight, Cuniff pointed out that the veteran attorney did not represent the Death Row Records co-founder in Hit-and-run case in 2015 that resulted in his 28-year prison sentence. “He represented him in a robbery case back in the 1990s and got him probation,” she said explained.

Kenner’s Hip Hop ties run even deeper with Nancy Dillon revealing that he also currently represents Fugees member Pras Michel in his criminal conspiracy allegation that Pras helped Malaysian financier Jho Low covertly funnel money to US politicians.

A court hearing has been set for Tuesday (Jan. 10) to finalize Tory Lanez’s substitution of counsel, although it is unlikely that any post-conviction motions will be filed anytime soon.

Lanez risks up to 22 years and eight months in prison and deportation to his home country of Canada. He will be sentenced on January 27.

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