Tobias Forge Explains Why Haters Are ‘A Good Thing’ For Ghost – ‘Keep on Talking’

In a new interview with Elliot in the morning, Ghost mastermind Tobias Forge lightly addressed the negative online comments the band often receives, explaining why it’s generally “actually a good thing”.

Forge was asked if he gets angry at people trying to figure out what type of stylistic identity to assign Ghost to, to which he replied (transcript via Blabbermouth), “No, definitely not mad. It’s not really my problem. I don’t have a problem with people having a problem with it.”

“If I want to be the most super positive person ever and just see everything from half a perspective, it’s like a lot of… Most of today [are] measured by activity – Spotify activity, online activity, whatever – as opposed to 30 years ago when it was sales; one record sold was one unit, and that was counted. But nowadays it’s all about content and activity,’ he continued.

“One thing that people—especially those who don’t really talk about how good they think we are, but how bad they think we are—adds to the activity,” Forge explained.

On social media, comments help boost engagement and as a result, the posts will be seen by a larger number of people. “So it’s actually a good thing,” Forge said with a laugh, grateful for the online hate. “Then keep talking. It’s all good. It’s all in good fun,” he mused.

Listen to the full interview below.

Despite all the negative criticism from fans, it hasn’t stopped Ghost from becoming one of the biggest rock/metal bands over the last dozen years as they are now a seasoned arena headliner in North America. Regarding Ghost’s arc of success, Forge recently told The Wall Street Journal“To me, it’s always been, if you want to make it big, if you want to be a musician, you have to tour all the time. And you have to do five shows in Wisconsin.”

He also credited a “very strong” merchandising strategy that has been incredibly beneficial in helping build the increased level of success by enabling them to tour on a larger scale.

Ghost’s main name in North America trip with special guests Mastodon and Spiritbox ends Sept. 23. To get tickets to one of the remaining shows, look here.

Ghost’s Tobias Forge on ‘Elliot in the Morning’ – Interview

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