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Tim McGraw talks about the smash hit “Humble And Kind” and why the message weighs more today

by Tiffany Goldstein

2 m ago

Six years ago this week, Tim McGraw graced the top of the Billboard Country Airplay chart with its 2016 blockbuster hit, “Humble and kindThe Golden Rules written by the critically acclaimed songwriter Lori McKenna instantly pulled at the heartstrings and became a universal message. McGraw recently caught up (June 21). Big Machine Label Group to explain how the gripping texts tend to have more influence today than ever before.

“For me, the message about that song and the scale of that song is growing exponentially every day in the world we live in now,” McGraw said. BMLG.

While many country fans live by the significant lessons projected through the mid-tempo melody, the effective lyrics were originally for McKenna’s five children. The seasoned singer shared Tennesseanthat she wrote the poem-like single after dropping off her children at school.

“I was sitting at my dining table with my coffee and started thinking about all the things that Gene [her husband] and I wanted to make sure we told the kids that, ”she told the publication. “There’s so much information there. A parent can go on and on and on forever about what they want their children to know. I wrote this for myself and for my children.”

When McGraw first received the number from McKenna, he knew he had a special song on his hands. Following the release, the multi-platinum artist said that “Humble and kind“Took his own life and developed a new meaning.

“We certainly had a sense of it when we recorded the song, of what it said. I mean, it started as a kind of microscope into your life, into your world, and into how you teach your children and what you want. have your children learn from you, “he said to the label.” And then it became that kind of worldview of how the world should look at each other and how people in general need to look at each other differently than they see on each other now.

In today’s climate, the hitmaker hopes that listeners take the weighted words into account and treat not only their loved ones with kindness but also strangers.

“We could all use a little grace and look at each other with a little humility and a little kindness,” McGraw stressed. “And I think that song has gotten more and more meaning, and I think it has got a bigger megaphone. And I do not think I’m the megaphone. I think the song is. “

In 2016, McGraw got a glimpse of the power behind the tune when a young boy nonchalantly acknowledged the message.

“This cute little curly kid, fourth grade guy, sang the song, and he came over to my daughter, Audrey, and he pulled her by the arm and said, ‘I listen to this song every night before I go.’ in bed, ” revealed father of three once more People. “For me, it was the best I could have heard.”

Humble and kind“Lives on McGraw’s fourteenth studio album,”Cursed country music. “The No.1 single urging individuals to be careful with their actions and words, the country crooner won several prestigious awards. McGraw took home the best country song of the year at the 59th annual Grammy Awards, a CMT Music Award for Video of The Year in 2016, a CMA Award and an American Music Award.

The classic has become a staple and fan favorite on tour. McGraw is currently performing “Humble and kind“On his nationwide hike with an energetic performer Russell Dickerson, Brandon Davisand breakout star Alexandra Kay.

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