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Philadelphia, PA –

Tierra Whack was reportedly arrested at Philadelphia International Airport earlier this week after homeland security officers discovered she was carrying a loaded gun.

According to TMZ, rapper was detained and cited for disorderly conduct on Tuesday (Nov. 8) after bringing the gun loaded with six live rounds — none of which were in the chamber — into the airport.

The gun in question was confiscated by federal authorities, who believe it was an “honest mistake” and Tierra Whack had no plans to “hurt anyone.”

The Philly native is licensed to carry a gun in the state of Pennsylvania, but of course guns are not legally allowed to be carried on any type of public flight.

XXL also received confirmation regarding Tierra Whack’s arrest from a representative of the Philadelphia Police Department as well as the Philadelphia District Attorney.

“Tuesday, November 8, 2022 at 11:56 a.m. at Philadelphia International Airport, Terminal C security [the] a checkpoint incident occurred,” a spokesperson said in a statement. “A 27-year-old black female placed a purse in the X-ray machine for screening.

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“During the screening, it was determined that there was a firearm in the purse. Philadelphia Police were notified. Recovered from the purse was a semi-automatic firearm, loaded with (6) rounds in the magazine and none in the chamber.

“The defendant has a valid permit to carry in Pennsylvania. The checkpoint was shut down while the investigation was conducted. The defendant was issued a CVN for disorderly conduct and a weapon was confiscated by police.”

Tierra Whack was released from police custody shortly after being charged with disorderly conduct.

The “Hungry Hippo” rhymer has remained quiet on the music front, as she has yet to release an official single to streaming services in 2022. She does, however, feature on a new song The Roots debuted last month called “Misunderstood” along with Erykah Badu.

The 27-year-old also released the instrumental version of his eclecticism Whack World project this year, which originally came in 2018.

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