10 things every beginner guitarist needs to know

The early days of playing guitar can be difficult and frustrating, but learning the basics of guitar is much easier now, thanks to a range of programs and lessons from Fret Zealot. For the content offered, Fret Zealot is one of the best platforms available to learn guitar with a powerful optional accessory.

The interactive virtual music courses offer beginning guitarists step-by-step, easy-to-follow guides to learning the basics of guitar playing, presented in short, easy-to-digest lessons and courses that teach everything a beginning guitarist needs to know, including how to play real songs.

But Fret Zealot is not just for beginners. Once you’ve mastered the basics, nearly half of the 100+ courses and 3,500 lessons are aimed at different skill levels, including scales, music theory, and more. Learn your favorite songs note by note or take a deep dive into the stylings of your favorite guitarists with the various lesson plans available through a Fret Zealot subscription. The platform includes optional colored LED lights located on the fingerboard to show where your fingers are going, so even a beginner can start learning right away.

Read on to find out the 10 fundamentals any beginner guitarist can learn from Fret Zealot, andtake a look at the courses online for more information. Try it 30 day beginner challengeto get everything you need in 30 days with one lesson a day!

1. How to hold the guitar

As basic as it sounds, learning to hold the instrument the right way is an important step in learning to play the guitar.

2. How to hold the pick

It is equally important for a beginner guitarist to learn how to hold the pick properly, and it will help a beginner player to develop good habits early on, which will make learning easier all the way.

3. How to tune the guitar

Obviously, learning to tune the guitar is one of the most crucial lessons a developing player can learn. It doesn’t matter how well you play if you’re not in tune!

4. Chord forms

Learning basic open chord shapes is the fastest way to start playing real songs. With Fret Zealot you can learn to play one wide variety of popular songs just by using some very basic, easy-to-learn chord shapes. And later you’ll learn how to move these shapes up and down the neck, opening up a whole new world of musical possibilities.

5. Timing

Timing is another extremely important aspect of learning to play the guitar, and it’s one that many beginner players tend to overlook. Fret Zealot’s beginner courses will not only teach you the basics of timing, they will also show you how to practice with a drum machine, which is essential to learning how to maintain consistent time when playing a song.

6. Stripping patterns

Learning different strumming patterns is a way to unlock whole new musical styles in your playing. Fret Zealot’s courses teach you how to take everything you’ve learned with the left hand in relation to the neck and integrate it with the right hand, which controls how you accentuate different beats. Each musical style has its own distinct drum patterns, so learning the basics of drumming really opens up new possibilities for a beginning guitarist.

7. The notes on the guitar neck

Chords are the building blocks of songs, but most people trying to learn guitar are also interested in playing solos. Fret Zealot’s optional LED illuminated system makes learning the notes on the guitar neck easier than ever. There are 12 notes in music and they are simply repeated over and over in different octaves and different combinations. Learn the notes on the neck and you can learn to play any song you want!

8. Reading guitar tablature

It is not necessary to learn to read music to learn guitar. Many guitarists—even some advanced players—rely instead on tablature, which is a form of musical shorthand that draws out the music as it appears on the guitar’s fretboard. Learning how to read guitar tablature will allow a beginner to start learning songs note by note without having to play them by ear… and Fret Zealot offers a free library of over 85,000 song tabs!

9. The minor pentatonic scale

Almost every beginning guitarist who has ever picked up the instrument learns the minor pentatonic scale before moving on to any other form of soloing. Essentially a shortened form of the minor scale with some of the notes removed, the 5-note scale is the basic building block of a huge number of basic and advanced licks, from rock and blues to more. Learning the minor pentatonic scale opens up the fretboard and a world of musical possibilities. The optional Fret Zealot LED system can display any scale in any key instantly.

10. Finger exercises

Once a beginning guitar player has learned the chord shapes, the notes on the neck, and the basic scales, it is important that they practice a variety of fingering exercises. These are designed to get your fingers moving in the right patterns, improving your dexterity, speed and accuracy. Fret Zealot offers a wide range of finger exercises as part of what it calls “Guitar Gym,” and the lessons will help you whip your game into shape.


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