‘That ’90s Show’ reveals the ’90s rockers behind the Netflix series’ theme

James Iha know a thing or two about the 90s. In fact, the guitarist was in one of the biggest bands of the time, Splitting pumpkins, as the era unfolded. Now Iha gets a chance to revisit the ’90s by taking on the role of composer for the upcoming Netflix revival The 90s show.

While Iha wants to have his mark on the series’ music, the theme song from The 70s show will be adapted to the age in which The 90s show is set. About Varietyshowrunner Gregg Mettler eventually settled on a revamped version of “In the City,” the Big Star song recorded by Cheap trick as the theme of the original series. Mettler himself arranged a new version of the song with his daughter on the vocals of the demo before handing it over to Iha. And from there Iha summoned Brett Anderson, the former vocalist for The Donnasto give voice to the new version of the theme.

“I love all the music from the ’90s, all the genres, and we do our best to weave them all into the show,” Mettler shared Variety. “And then there is something for everyone inside the show.”

The 90s show has plenty of ties to the original series, where Eric (Topher Grace) and Donna’s (Laura Prepon) 15-year-old daughter Leia (Callie Haverda) soon arrives to spend the summer with her grandparents (Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp). meet some of the neighborhood kids and forge new bonds in a pre-iPhone era. While Smith and Rupp will be part of the new cast, many of the original “teens” are from The 70s show will make a guest appearance.

The 10-episode series starts on Netflix in January. 19.

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