Red wave? No, ‘The View’ Is Borrowing From Taylor Swift By Calling The Midterm Election Results A ‘Lavender Haze’ Instead

Can you feel it creeping up on you? The co-hosts on The view analyzed the results of the 2022 midterm elections Wednesday morning (Nov. 9) with a little help from Taylor Swift‘s Midnights.

“Now the votes are still being counted in many of last night’s midterm elections, but it looks like the ‘red tsunami’ didn’t quite materialize,” said Whoopi Goldberg, referring to the expected GOP sweep of the election to introduce Hot Topics segment.

While Ron DeSantis turned Florida red with his win for governor, other congressional races saw Democrats like John Fetterman of Pennsylvania and Maggie Hassan beat far-right candidates backed by former President Donald Trump, and the show’s resident Republican co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin could’ Don’t refer to a fan-favorite track from Swift’s latest chart-topping album.

“Listen, I’m a Republican. I wanted good Republicans to win and I wanted bad Republicans to lose,” said the conservative first-year vote at the table, before saying, “I don’t lose sleep like Dr. Oz lost his race last night!

“This is actually the best I’ve felt about the country,” she continued, “because it was much more, [as] Taylor Swift would call a ‘Lavender Haze’. This was no red wave.”

While Tay probably wasn’t thinking about the election card when she wrote “Lavender Haze” with the help of Jack Antonoff and Zoe Kravitz, Midnights opens debuted at No. 2 on Billboard Hot 100 behind the chart-topping single “Anti-Hero” in the same week, the superstar put a new record as the first artist ever to dominate the entire Hot 100 top 10 i Billboard history. (This week, on the chart dated November 12, the number is remain in the top 10, falls 2-6.)

Watch The view co-hosts dissect the “Lavender Haze” of the 2022 midterm below.

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