Talib Kweli details almost getting arrested on AA flight

Talib Kweli had a harrowing experience on an American Airlines flight this week, and he’s taken to Instagram to share the entire encounter.

In a series of videos posted Wednesday (Jan. 18), the Brooklyn native explained how a flight attendant who didn’t realize his bag could fit under the seat in front of him ended up with him being threatened with arrest.

“Yesterday afternoon @americanair threatened to have me arrested for no reason whatsoever,” Talib captioned his post. “After clearing my bag with the gate agent, flight attendant Sky Seaglass tells me that my bag is too big and I need to check it. I asked why, so he got annoyed and called his supervisor. The supervisor tells me that it is her decision whether I fly or not. That’s an important detail.”

Although he didn’t have a video of his interaction with Seaglass, the clips begin with the supervisor and a very calm Talib explaining why his bag had to be okay.

“The supervisor sees that the attendant Seaglass misplaced my bag and walks me to my seat and says I’m good to fly,” he continued. “Moments later, the supervisor comes back and tells me that if I don’t obey the flight attendant while I’m in the air, I’ll go to jail. All the while, Seaglass, who I don’t talk to at all, is telling people he feels ‘unsafe’ .”

“Moments later the supervisor comes back and tells me to leave the plane. I tell her that I feel this is a violation of my human rights and my rights as a customer. She then tells me to stop recording , even though she said earlier I could record and she was forced to sit and wait while everyone exited the plane. I tried to go live 3 times but @instagram kept cutting my audio.”

Video of this part of the incident seems to show that the supervisor doesn’t really have a decent explanation for why Talib had to get off the plane.

“They then sent in 3 police officers. The police expressed surprise that the @americanair crew threatened me with arrest and said only the police can make that call. The police then say ‘we were called out for nothing’ and ‘you have done nothing wrong’. It’s right there on video.”

The last entry in the carousel was a photo of his luggage.

Gillie Da Kid expressed a similar bad experience on American Airlines just months earlier. That Games worth millions of dollars The podcast host called out the airline on social media for perceived racial profiling after he was allegedly asked to be searched at a Texas airport in November.

“The plane full of white people leaves Dallas and the only black man asks if he has illegal drugs in his bag,” Gillie wrote along with the exchange on Instagram, tagging American Airlines. “You’re picking the wrong ni$$ai day, pal.”

Gillie can be heard saying in the video: “What are you talking about? Do you want to see here? You asked me if you could apply [my bag] so I searched for you.”

“Don’t lie to the camera, sir,” the agent replied.

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“Oh come on, man, don’t lie to the camera. You walked up, wanna pick me out. Get off me man. You picked me out,” Gillie continued. “For what? I’m probably the richest person on this plane, get off me man.”

The agent then proceeded to accuse Gillie of “smelling like marijuana” and reminded the podcast host that it was “illegal in Texas.”

“I smell marijuana, are you serious? Are you serious? What do you mean be real. You gotta be real,” Gillie said. “Got the wrong one today huh?”

Other artists who have called out American Airlines for racism in recent years include YG, Wale and Boosie Badazz.

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