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YOU has returned to the New York City comedy scene months after he was initially touted Barclays Centerand this time he got a different answer.

Earlier this week, the Atlanta rap legend performed a set at Salsa Con Fuego in the Bronx alongside members of the HaHa Mafia group. After his performance, TI spoke AllHipHop about the set and how much better it went.

“I’ve been to New York before and trained in some rooms, on the floor,” TI said. “This is my first official full set. I feel like we had a phenomenal time. The crowd enjoyed themselves, we enjoyed ourselves.”

Working with the HaHa Mafia group has proven successful for TI, as comedian Navv Greene said, “We look like the Warriors right now, bruh. Everybody gets their own shot and we don’t get in each other’s way. We the dark-skinned warriors. “

Tip compared himself to the Warriors’ All-Star guard Stephen Curry in his group with the HaHa Mafia and later thanked everyone who came to see his set.

As it turns out, TI had a much better time than he did April Fools Comedy Jam in Brooklyn, New York, at the Barclays Center. The lineup featured Nick Cannon, HaHa Davis, Eddie Griffin, Rip Michaels, B. Simone, Bruce Bruce, Michael Blackson, Joe Torry and more.

TI was booed throughout his rocky set but admitted it didn’t bother him as he was grateful for the opportunity to perform on stage himself that night.

“When shit’s too easy and there’s no challenge to it, I don’t care,” TI said during a post-show interview. “That’s what got me out of music, because it’s almost like people expect me to be good.”

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He continued, “I embrace the hate. But it wasn’t even hate. It was on some, ‘This is our opportunity to really make you one of us.’ And I appreciate that. I don’t have that problem with. I love the opportunity to overcome and scramble.”

TI then showed his resilience less than 24 hours after his disastrous seen when he returned to the scene in his hometown of Atlanta. The King rapper posted several clips of his stand-up comedy set on Instagram, showing him addressing being called out in true comedic fashion.

“Is this a safe place, Atlanta?” he asks the audience in a video. “Can I talk to you about my day yesterday? Okay, first of all I’ve never been booed before… but I see… those boos were premeditated! They’ve been waiting a long time to get me somewhere to boo go!”

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