Symba says he has some ‘crazy shit’ coming up with Dr. Dre

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Symba have spent a lot of time in the studio with Dr. Dre too late and he has revealed that the two have some “crazy shit” coming up.

In a new interview with HipHopDXthe Oakland native discussed his work with the West Coast legend which includes making “a lot of music,” but there’s one song in particular that stands out among the rest.

“We have a lot of music, I can tell,” he said DX. “We have this one song that’s very, very good. I think it’s like one of my best verses that I’ve ever written… I hope it comes out soon.”

Symba then debunked some of the ghostwriting rumors surrounding Dre’s creative process in the studio and defended the NWA icon’s pen.

“People have this idea that people just write all of Dre’s raps, but Dre raps,” he said. “He knows what he wants to say, but there’s just people in the rooms, or someone might throw a line out there, and he might hear that kind of adjust it… But he knows what he wants to say.”

You can check out HipHopDX‘s interview with Symba below:

That Results take time the rapper couldn’t put a time frame on when the Dre collaboration would officially arrive, but said they could land on other projects such as MissionaryDre’s upcoming joint LP with Snoop Dogg.

Symba highlighted an unreleased verse that he said blew him away after recording it with Dr. Dre.

“I said some crazy shit. It’s not out yet, but it’s some crazy shit… You gotta hear that shit… I feel like when I’m with Dre sometimes because it’s still like a dream come true for me, I’m trying to keep my cool, so I kept my cool and when I got in the car and shit, I was like, ‘Yeah!’… I definitely lost it when I got into the car.”

Symba and Dr. Dre joined in on his “Never End Up Broke” single earlier this year, which was co-produced by the NWA legend. Symba continued to deliver its Results take time album arranged by DJ Drama in September.

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He also playfully teased that in November he gave up rap to play in the NBA as part of his hometown team, the Golden State Warriors.

As part of promoting his recent single “Welcome 2 My Season,” the Bay Area rhymer spent some time with the Warriors and joked about how he practiced with the team ahead of his on-court debut with them against the Boston Celtics.

“I’m here to announce my retirement from my rap career and the beginning of my basketball career. I’m officially signed as a Golden State Warrior,” he said in a mock press conference before taking the court. “You ever seen Like Mike? Welcome to Like Symba.”

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