Summer Walker complains that pregnancy is ruining her cosmetic surgery

Summer Walker has found herself at the center of yet another online conversation after lamenting that her pregnancy is ruining her latest body sculpting surgery.

The singer shared her thoughts on an Insta Story via her not-so-secret alternative Instagram account on Thursday (November 24), just days after releasing a new music video in which her growing baby bump is on full display.

“I’m so mad I just had my body done last year,” she wrote in the temporary post, “n now all that $ went down the drain lol boobs saggy stretch marks everywhere, probably gone have a gut.”

She added: “Now I have to have it all redone.”

That Still over it the singer confirmed that she was expecting her second child in June after a pair of Instagram photos of her in a bikini sparked rumors that she might be pregnant.

“People ask me if I’m pregnant,” she said during an IG Live session. “I am!” And you know, I’m very very happy about it, very excited about it. It’s just, you know, really peaceful, really happy. Lots of help, lots of love, and the only reason I’m even saying anything is because, you know, last time … I felt very disrespected because people wouldn’t let me say it myself.”

Two days later, Summer Walker walked the red carpet at the 2022 BET Awards in a thin outfit that left little to the imagination. The look – which included a short gold skirt, strategically placed gold plates on the chest and black jewelery – got some backlashwhen she was accused of appropriating and sexualizing traditional pieces worn by the Hmong people, indigenous people who live mainly in southwestern China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar.

ONE DM thread later surfaced online where her stylist for the event, Laurel Street, apologized for the offense caused by Summer Walker’s outfit and for not properly identifying the Hmong people as creators of the jewelry style.

“We meant no harm, we were simply highlighting these pieces,” Street wrote. “I am of South Asian and Indian descent. I celebrate all cultures. We like to mix pieces in our archives to achieve looks. These pieces are not sold, they are part of our archives which come from all over the world! We added healing crystals to customize it. Sorry again.”

The stylist later deleted photos of Summer Walker from her Instagram account to avoid engaging in “any further negativity.”

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Since her BET Awards appearance, Summer Walker hasn’t shied away from sharing photos of her progressing pregnancy, suggesting she may have trolled critics with comments about plastic surgery.

On Tuesday (November 22), the singer shared the video for a new rap single called, “Sense that God gave you,” who found her twerking at a gas station wearing a belly-baring cropped hoodie and short shorts. In an IG post announcing the song’s release, she cautioned that she’s not moving away from her R&B trajectory.

“I’m NOT a rapper lmao I just wanted to make hoodies with my friend,” she captioned the post, tagging St. Louis rapper Sexyy Red.

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