‘Stranger Things’ Eddie Munson actor meets Metallica at Lollapalooza

Lollapalooza was turned “on its head” on the festival’s opening night on Thursday as headliner Metallica met Eddie Munson. Actor Joseph Quinnplaying the mysterious metalhead introduced in Stranger Things Season 4, filmed a video in which he appears to catch the soundcheck and meet with the band backstage, saying he feels “very connected to you guys.”

Of course the popular one Netflix the series famously used one of Metallica’s biggest hits, “Master of Puppets” in the latest season finale, which premiered on July 1, boosting the band’s profile even more in the past few months, especially with a younger generation. Many newcomers were seen at Lollapalooza, a huge wave of hands flying into the air when the frontman James Hetfield asked how many were seeing the band for the first time. Metallica then closed their set with the 1986 thrash metal classic by using some “Stranger Things” footage by Eddie Munson play the track.

In his docu-video, Quinn asks the quartet if they are fans of the show. Hetfield replied, “I’m a huge fan of it, have been since season 1. My kids and I, it’s been a bonding experience for us.” The actor then thanked the band for letting the show use “Master of Puppets,” to which Hetfield replied, “Thanks for doing it justice by the way.”

Quinn got to live out every fan’s dream and got the chance to jam with Metallica in the green room. The actor told that earlier Collider he rehearsed and played the song for the episode himself (and bassist Robert Trujillo‘s son Tye also contributed parts). Quinn impressed Metallica so much with his playing in the video, drummer Lars Ulrich at one point turned to the camera and said, “We’d like to make an announcement. Metallica is now a five-piece, guys.”

Earlier this month, Metallica (wearing Hellfire Club shirts) also took part in a TikTok duet challenge, playing along to Eddie Munson’s rendition of “Master Of Puppets”. The video has since garnered 2.8 million likes, extending the band’s reach to Gen Z more than 40 years later.

Watch the Eddie Munson actor hang with Metallica at Lollapalooza

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