Steve Vai gives guitar to fan in Crowd, Kid plays solo on stage

Steve Vai gave a kid an experience he’ll never forget, letting him play a solo on stage with Vai’s very own guitar. You can watch the video of what the child describes as “the happiest day of my life” below.

During the last show of Steve Vai’s European Inviolable Tour, the big guitar gave a young fan a priceless memory at his show in Barcelona, ​​and it all started with a taxi ride, according to the musician. Vai revealed via his Instagram: “There was an excited taxi driver who wanted me to get into his car to take me there. During the drive, he was excited to show me a video clip of his son playing” For the Love of God” and I was actually quite impressed with the way this kid played.”

At the concert in the Tivoli Theatre, Vai saw the boy in the audience with his father. “So I decided to make his day…and he sure kicked some ass,” says the guitarist. “It was a great way to end an excellent tour.” Vai walks up to the kid in the audience and motions for him to come here and hands him his guitar.

The entire theater cheers for him as he puts his hands over his mouth in shock and then takes the guitar from Vai. The child immediately starts shredding and walking towards the stage. The boy is overcome with emotion and cries as he falls to his knees and plays solo on stage.

The boy, whose name is Daniel Jimenez, shakes Vai’s hand and hugs him before handing him back his guitar and the theater erupts into applause. Jimenez wrote about his experience at Instagram also calls it “the happiest day of my life.” The boy thanked Vai “for inviting me to your concert, thank you for giving me the wonderful surprise of going on stage to play with your own guitar.”

He revealed that he had to stop playing because he started crying and thanked Vai again for “giving me the opportunity to tell me you as a person and to be able to chat with you about music. This day will be burned into my memories, you are a great musician and a great person, you are an example for me to follow.”

Watch Steve Vai hand guitar to a fan in the crowd, Kid takes the stage + plays solo

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