Steve Carell tells the story of the time he waited for Look-Alike Alice Cooper at a restaurant

It has been taken up before, including here in our look-alikes gallery (see below), however Alice Cooper has a famous double in film and television acting Steve Carell. And during a performance on The Tonight Show to promote Minions: The Rise of Grutold actor Jimmy Fallon about the time he came face to face with Cooper.

During their chat, Fallon shared a side-by-side photo of Carell with Cooper, noting the striking resemblance to which the actor said, “Yes, I can see that.”

When asked by Fallon if he had ever met Cooper, the actor remembered, “I met Alice Cooper. I was waiting for him when I was working in Chicago, when I was waiting for tables. I was working at a restaurant, and he came in. and yes, he was Alice Cooper. He could not have been nicer. Sweetest guy. “

Fallon replied, “That thing with Alice Cooper, and I’ve met him once before, and he could be anything. He could be like a rock guy who’s like, ‘Whatever man.’ But he’s the nicest person. I thought, “Oh my god. I love Alice Cooper. “I just wanted to hang out with the guy.”

“He walks into a room and he’s unmistakably Alice Cooper,” Carell added, then shared a story about Steven Tyler’s observations in Boston. But the discussion about Cooper’s pleasant demeanor came again, with Carell commenting on a reason why he thinks Cooper seemed so confident in his fame. “I think if you are Alice Cooper, you must own to be Alice Cooper,” the actor said.

After the discussion regarding The Tonight Showwords came back to Cooper, who tweeted earlier this morning, “Hmmm … what do you think?”

Steve Carell speaks The Tonight Show‘s Jimmy Fallon about waiting for Alice Cooper

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