Statue of Rammstein’s Till Lindemann allegedly stolen in Germany

A statue of Rammstein frontman To Lindemann has been allegedly stolen in Germany. The statue was placed in the city of Rostock, near the Evershagen neighborhood where the singer grew up, in honor of his 60th birthday.

German publication NDR shared the news earlier today (Jan. 4), noting that police in Rostock received a report that the statue had been stolen around 4 p.m. [translated via Google Translate]. The statue was designed by an artist named Roxxy, and it hadn’t even been up for 24 hours before it was taken. Tips can be sent directly to the Rostock police station or through their website.

See a photo below of the place where the statue had previously been erected and the broken lock that remains from it.

As pointed out by another user on Reddit, another statue created by the same artist was stolen in the city of Rostock in July 2019. The sculpture was placed in honor of the Rostock-born rapper Marteria, and according to North Courierit was broken off and taken two days later – only the feet of the statue remained [via Google Translate]. At the time, the city denied any involvement in both the installation of the statue and its disappearance. Fans left flowers on the remains of the statue after its demolition.

Someone in Rostock has a vendetta against statues.

Statue of Rammstein singer stolen

dpa/picture alliance via Getty Images

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