What Spotify’s new ‘Playlist in a Bottle’ feature is + how to use it

Spotify has launched a new feature where you can send music to your future self with “Playlist in a bottle.”

Similar to the physical practice of sealing a message in a bottle and throwing it into the ocean, Spotify’s Playlist in a Bottle takes your specific listening tastes and creates a musical time capsule to be locked away until 2024. For now, just answer a few short question!

Learn how to use Spotify’s Playlist in a Bottle option in the instructions at the bottom of this post.

“We know you have a few songs that encapsulate your mood,” says Spotify. “To celebrate the new year, we’re launching a timely user experience to help you capture the moment when January 2024 rolls around. The interactive in-app experience captures who you are musically right now, then lets you revisit your musical self in 2023 a year later.”

Take your answers about your favorite songs and embed them in a virtual time capsule object of your choice – do you want the bottle or the teddy bear? — Playlist in a Bottle bases the information on your personal input to compile the playlist it will deliver in a year.

The new feature apparently takes the ubiquitous music streaming service’s personal, app-generated playlists like “On Repeat” and “Time Capsule” and gives them new stakes. (Spotify just wrapped 2022 Wrapped. Don’t forget to see yours Spotify pie chart.)

This writer answered Spotify’s Playlist in a Bottle song question with tunes by James Blake, The Trashmen and Knocked Loose. See my graphic below the instructions.

How to make your playlist in a bottle on Spotify

  1. Make sure your Spotify mobile app is updated with the latest version.
  2. click spotify.com/playlistinabottle from your mobile device.
  3. Choose your time capsule of your choice – you can choose from a bottle, jean pocket, rubber ball machine, packed lunch or teddy bear.
  4. Answer a series of song-inspired prompts. E.g:
    “A Song You’ll Kiss Someone This Year”
    “A song that reminds you of your favorite person”
    “A song you must hear live in 2023”
  5. Digitally seal your musical time capsule and send it off!
  6. Share a personalized card to your social channels with the tag #PlaylistInABottle.
  7. In January 2024, if you’ve created a playlist in a bottle, you’ll receive your personal time capsule that reminds you of what you listened to a year ago.

Philip Trapp’s Spotify playlist in a bottle

Philip Trapp Spotify ‘Playlist in a Bottle’ time capsule


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