Soulja Boy & Boosie Badazz Get Into It Over Gay Rapper Tweets

Soulja Boy and Boosie Badazz has spent the evening going back and forth on social media after Big Draco proclaimed that he was “one of the last straight rappers in the game.”

While he didn’t name names, Soulja Boy took to Twitter on Thursday (Dec. 29) to lash out at an unspecified rapper who paints his nails and labeled him and others like him “gay.”

The following day (December 30) Boosie took to Twitter to respondnot quite in defense of NBA Youngboywho many believe was the target of Soulja Boy’s original tweet, but rather everyone else who was inadvertently drawn into the conversation.

“EVERYBODY’S A BOSS @souljaboy,” Boosie wrote. β€œYOU KNOW WHO IS IN BUIZNESS FOR THE REAL GANGSTERS #boosiebadazz CAN’T LET YOU SAY MY NIGGA YOU KNOW IM [100 emoji] MY G #onbleek.”

From there, the two began to go back and forth with each other, with Soulja Boy making it clear that he is not one to be checked over his comments.

“I said what I said,” he shot back. “You know what I mean. Wanna do something? I say whatever the hell I want. Don’t you just let a n-gga beat you on a diss track? You don’t stand on Shit n-gga.”

In a follow-up tweet, Soulja suggested the Baton Rouge native didn’t like him and told him to lose his number. “I feel like @BOOSIEOFFICIAL doesn’t even like me bitch don’t call my phone,” he tweeted.

Not wanting to go into the new year with another beef on his resume, Boosie Badazz quickly poured water on the situation by putting a lid on Soulja’s true intentions. “YOU JOCIN BH. I’M NOT FIGHTING WITH YOU TODAY. HELLNA.”

Although Soulja Boy didn’t name Boosie in his original tweet, the “Wipe Me Down” rapper said he will “snapback every time” he is mentioned negatively in a conversation.

β€œN ANY N-GGA SAY MY NAME I SNAPBACK EVERY TIME no [cap] U ON ONE TODAY,” he joked with Soulja Boy, who then extended his own olive branch.

“You know I’m squeaking with your OG but I’m rushing out. Let’s just keep it cool and get this money [smirking purple devil emoji] [crying with laughter emoji]”, he tweeted.

He added in a separate tweet:laugh out loud [crying with laughter emoji] I know OG. I just expected you to make it harder. But you see me. Say my name and I’ll answer too. We know you ain’t gay Boosie, come on.”

It’s not the first time that Boosie β€” who has previously been called out for his own homophobiaβ€” has taken to social media to defend her own sexuality. Earlier this month, he shot back at Gabrielle Union after she implied that he is secretly gay.

Union made the comments last month during an interview with Jemele Hill, in which she addressed Boosie Badazz while defending her teenage stepdaughter Zaya Wade’s transition from male to female.

“He’s so busy. It’s almost like you’re protesting too much, Little Boos,” the actor said in the clip, which resurfaced on social media on Dec. 4 and went viral. “You’ve got a lot of dick on your mind!

“[Zaya andΒ Lil Nas XΒ live in his head] rent free! It’s like, ‘Sir.’ Anything you want to go ahead and tell us? This is a safe place, we can be your sanctuary. I don’t think he had a safe place [growing up].”

The union’s comments came after Boosie had spoke against Zaya’s transitionand told the teenager’s father and Union’s husband, former NBA star Dwyane Wade, that he had “gone too far.”

After repeatedly doubles on his insensitive comments in the face of widespread backlash, the Badazz Music Syndicate boss later backtracked and apologized to Wade.

However, Boosie’s tone was less contrite after getting wind of Gabrielle Union’s resurfaced interview as he issued a belated reply to Bad Boys II actor via a series of angry, all-caps tweets.

After rebutting her suggestion that he’s gay, Boosie turned his attention to D. Wade β€” who Union married in 2014 and shares a biological child with β€” and questioned the three-time NBA champion’s sexuality.

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Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time Soulja Boy has called out rappers who don nail polish and lipstick, revealed back in November that he’s not a fan of the look.

“I don’t put nail polish on my nails, I don’t β€” this is chapstick,” he said in a rant shared on his Instagram Live while holding up his chapstick in response to a fan who asked why he “put lipstick” on.”

“Why don’t you go up to your favorite rapper live and ask him why he put on nail polish? Or ask him why he put on lipstick?” he continued. “Nah, you want to come to a real n-gga live, a real gangster and play with a n-gga talking about a chapstick, man. Stop playing.”

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