Social Media Data Predicts 2023’s Rock + Metal Grammy Winners

Could we have a big night from Brandi Carlile and two upstart bands in Idling and Turnstiles claimed Grammy gold in February. 5? According to BetMasschusetts.comthat might well be the case according to their social media data research.

The company used the social media listening tool Link fluence analyzing social media data to see how positively each artist or album has been received online over the past year. From there, that data was aggregated into a positivity score that revealed the most likes in each Grammy category.

So what does this mean for our rock and metal artists come Grammy night? Well, if that research pans out, you could see British rock band Idles take home a Grammy for Best Rock Album Crawlers, which gave a positivity score of 44.4. That comes significantly ahead of the 27.8 score for Spoon‘s Lucifer on a couch and 25.2 score for Ozzy Osbourne‘s Patient number 9.

Best Rock Album

idle, Crawlers – 44.4
Spoon, Lucifer on a couch – 27.8
Ozzy Osbourne, Patient number 9 – 25.2
Elvis Costello and the Crooks, The boy named If – 24.9
machine gun Kelly, Mainstream sales – 14.9
The black keys, Dropout Boogie – 10.2

On the metal side, Turnstile’s “Blackout” appears to be the favorite for Best Metal Performance, earning a positivity of 35.4. It edges out the latest Best Metal Performance winner Megadeth, who are back this year with “We’ll Be Back,” which earned a positivity score of 29.8. Ozzy Osbourne’s collaboration with Tony Iommi“Degradation Rules,” is also in the hunt with an overall 29 positivity score.

Best Metal Performance

Turnstiles, “Blackout” – 35.4
Megadeth, “We’ll Be Back” – 29.8
Ozzy Osbourne with Tony Iommi, “Degradation Rules” – 29
Ghost, “Call Me Little Sunshine” – 24.5
Muse, “Kill or be killed” 22.9

Meanwhile, multiple Grammy nominee Brandi Carlile could add to her trophy case with two potential wins for Best Rock Song and Best Rock Performance, both for the song “Broken Horses.” In the Best Rock Song category, Carlile achieved a positivity score of 31.3, placing her in front The War on Drugs‘ “Harmonia’s Dream” with 28.8 and Turnstile’s “Blackout” with 27.6.

For Best Rock Performance, “Broken Horses” beat 31.3 scores over Ozzy Osbourne and Jeff Beck‘s “Patient Number 9” with a 28.7 score and The black keys“Wild Child” with a positivity score of 28.

Best rock song

Brandi Carlile, “Broken Horses” – 31.3
The War on Drugs, “Harmonia’s Dream” – 28.8
Turnstiles, “Blackout” – 27.6
Ozzy Osbourne, “Patient number 9” – 25.2
Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Black Summer” – 14.2

Best Rock Performance

Brandi Carlile, “Broken Horses” – 31.3
Ozzy Osbourne with Jeff Beck, “Patient Number 9” 28.7
The Black Keys, “Wild Child” – 28
Beck, “Old man” – 26.6
Turnstiles, “Holiday” – 24.1

While positive social media data is a good indicator of how well a record or artist is being received, there’s still the very human element of Grammy voters that will ultimately decide the winners of music’s biggest night.

Revisit the top 2023 Grammy nominees in rock and metal and other categories here, so tune in to CBS Sunday, Feb. 5 when the 65th Annual Grammy Awards take place from the Arena in Los Angeles to find out who won.

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