Smashing Pumpkins announce new ‘ATUM’ LP with ‘Beguiled’ single

That Splitting pumpkins has announced a new album, ATUMa “rock opera in three acts.”

The 33-song collection is being billed as the follow-up to both 1995s Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness and the 2000s Machines/God’s machines. ATUM (pronounced “autumn”) will be released in segments; each act of 11 songs is released every 11 weeks on digital streaming platforms. That ATUM the vinyl box set will contain 10 unreleased songs.

In addition, Billy Corgan has announced a brand new podcast, Thirty-three with William Patrick Corgan. Every week a new song from ATUM will debut on the podcast, which will also feature classic tracks and a discussion of the band’s history. The first two episodes of the show are available now, complete with two never-before-heard songs, “Beguiled” and “Butterfly Suite.” (Guest in the first episode is David Bowie pianist Mike Garson, a longtime friend and collaborator of Corgan’s.)

“Beguiled,” which the band debuted last night on its TikTok account, is available for listening below. The Smashing Pumpkins will continue to perform the song The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Sept. 23. The band is also scheduled to launch a North American tour at the beginning of October next door Jane’s addiction.

Back in 2020, Corgan addressed the then-untitled album and its purpose in a YouTube video: “We feel like in many ways this completes the circle of everything that we started and weren’t able to finish at the time, so we’re very excited about [it].”

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Everything is cyclical is Billy Corgan’s world, no entrance is ever completely closed. As a wise man once sang, “The End Is the Beginning Is the End.”

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