Watch Kid in Slipknot Costume Crowdsurf While Standing on His Dad the Whole Time

Ever seen a child in one Slip knot costume crowd surfer on top of his dad at a festival?

Because that’s what happened at Kentucky’s Higher than life in September. A young metal fan wearing the signature Slipknot jumpsuit and a period specific Corey Taylor Slipknot mask crowd surfed as he stood on top of his father during a performance of DEAD. Luckily, a couple of concertgoers caught the feat on video.

See the footage at the bottom of this post.

The exciting but heartwarming stunt took place during Day 2 of Louder Than Life 2022 on September. 23 in Louisville, Kentucky. DED played on Space Zebra Stage as today’s second act. They performed after For sale and in front In flames, In this moment, Lamb of God and yes Slip knotthere were the closing headliners that night. KISS, Alice Cooper and others played the same scene the next day.

And the Slipknot kid even surfed again during In Flames’ set, according to a recent report from Metal hammer. If you were at Louder Than Life 2022, the fan’s amazing display?

After all, kids in Slipknot costumes rocking out at concerts definitely grab viewers’ attention. Earlier this year a child who went viral for air drum at a Slipknot show ended see you on Ellen.

In September, Slipknot released their latest studio album, The end, for now. The Iowan masked metal band will go to Europe for concerts next summer. (Get Slipknot concert tickets here.) DED, a nu-metal outfit from Arizona composed of members from Greeley Estates and Man Made Machine, last released the album The school of thought in 2021. (See DED tour dates here.)

Kid in Slipknot Costume Crowd Surfs His Dad at Louder Than Life – Sept. 23, 2022

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