Why Slipknot bassist V-Man knew his signature tattoos would reveal his identity

To varying degrees – and among other things – each member of Slip knot uses his mask(s) to hide who he really is. According to bassist Alessandro “V-Man” Venturellabut it’s not always a foolproof tactic, as his unique tattoos inevitably gave away his identity before the release of 2014’s .5: The gray chapter.

In a recent chat with the YouTube channel HEAVY InterviewsVenturella revealed he expected his identity to be leaked before the band’s fifth studio LP – which also marked the drummer’s arrival Jay Weinbergwho replaced Joey Jordison – come out.

You see, Venturella took over for the original bassist Paul Gray – WHO died in 2010 – and although both he and Weinberg appeared in the video for the lead single “Devin in I, neither wanted to be formally introduced yet. Nevertheless (and much more frontman Corey Taylor’s unhappiness), it happened.

As transcribed by BlabbermouthVenturella said he didn’t get in trouble for it, explaining:

It was funny because I remember saying, “Should I put on some black tattoo gloves or something?” And they were like, “Oh, nobody’s going to get it.” [Laughs] And I was like “okay.” I have worked for quite a few high profile bands. If it’s not called out by a fan, it’s called out by someone in a teaching position or someone from another band saying, “Oh, that’s a fucking V-man.” [Laughs] “It’s V-man’s tattoo.”

To his point, he had previously worked as a guitar technician for several acts (e.g Coheed and Cambria, Architects and Mastodon). Additionally, he was also a member of Krokodil and Cry for Silence, and those previous gigs no doubt helped some Slipknot fans make the connection.

Venturella continued [also via Blabbermouth]:

I mean, when you’ve seen [my tattoos]it is beautiful [obvious who it is]. And then there was also a good grace period of six months where I just disappeared off the face of the planet. And I got messages. I couldn’t tell anyone what I was doing. I was like, “I’m just gone for the moment.” I think it kind of came together pretty quickly.

Of course, Venturella has been an indispensable part of Slipknot ever since. For example, his contribution to .5: The gray chapter certainly helped it get nominated for Best Rock Album of 2016 Grammy Awards. Fast forward six years and the band’s latest LP – The end so far? – made Loudwire’s list of them 50 Best Rock and Metal Albums of 2022.

So did you know Venturella was in Slipknot before the band officially revealed it? Let us know!

Be sure to check out his full chat too HEAVY Interviews below:

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