Every Slayer song ranked from worst to best

“Blasting our way through the confines of Hell / No one can stop us tonight.” The first words ever spoken by Kills takes on even greater significance as we near the end of the road for thrash’s most defiantly evil band, the band that pushed the genre to new extremes.

Most fans consider the band’s first five records to be the “classic” era of Slayer, but make no mistake, the group offered no compromise over the next 28 years and six subsequent albums, drifting further away from the realm of dark fantasy into the real horrors thrive in the modern world. This more street-wise approach matched with powerful grooves and blunt power rhythms God hates us all and their final offer, repentantamong others, demonstrating that Slayer were able to evolve beyond their early days.

Join us below as we celebrate Slayer’s entire catalog, dissecting each piece as we rank every song they’ve ever written.

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