Skid Row bassist lashes out at ‘Miserable Bastard’ internet trolls

Skid Row bassist Rachel Bolan rebuked “lousy bastard” internet trolls who have taken shots at his band since their 1999 return without a classic-era frontman. Sebastian Bach.

“We were under a microscope – and we still are to some extent – but we were under a microscope and the investigation was just ridiculous and unjustified,” the rocker explained during an appearance on Appetite for distortion podcast .. “We did what we did. We were in a rock band. People said, ‘Hang up. Give up.’ … It’s like, okay, what do you do for a living? Say you’re a roofer. Give it up. [Laughs] You know what I mean?! You’re telling somebody to give up something, their passion and all that.”

Although Bolan admitted that he used to be bothered by such negative talk, he learned to ignore internet trolls after talking to other musicians.

“Just talking to other guys, like friends who are in bands, popular bands, they were like, ‘Dude, go on a bulletin board anywhere.’ Go on the NASCAR message board. Go to baseball, for a team, go on their bulletin boards if they have one. It’s the same shit everywhere, man. It’s the same shit. People just can’t help being like that.’ Some people, not all people, of course. But it’s like people just can’t help it. Here’s their platform to get noticed, whether it’s just a sentence, a second, whatever it is, here’s their platform to get noticed.”

The bassist then offered his theory about haters, suggesting that they insult bands like his because they’re unhappy with their own lives.

“For them to go on and spend all that energy and time to sit down and tell someone how much they suck, like… How miserable of a bastard do you have to be to do that? ” Bolan thought. “And when they go to bed, they’re the miserable bastard. When they wake up the next morning, they’re still the miserable bastard. The big difference is when I go to bed and wake up the next morning, I’m in Skid fucking Row.”

Skid Row is set to release their sixth studio album, The gang is here, on Oct. 14. It is their first release with the new singer Erik Gronwall, who joined the band in March.

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