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Cloud has launched a brand new scholarship in hopes of sending a Belizean student to study in America – and it’s named after his former label boss Diddy.

On Wednesday (November 9), the rapper-turned-politician took to Instagram to announce the Sean Diddy Combs Scholarship.

“I am extremely pleased to announce the SEAN DIDDY COMBS BELIZE FULL SCHOLARSHIP to HOWARD UNIVERSITY!” Shyne captions a flyer promoting the scholarship. “Ensuring access to education for the young people who are economically challenged is the only way Belize will ever realize its full potential.”

He then went on to explain the idea behind the scholarship and why it is named after Diddy.

“Education has always been extremely important to my dear brother @diddy, which is why I asked Diddy to make Belize part of his philanthropic support for his alma mater Howard University so that at least one Belizean student can benefit from attending one of America’s most prestigious HBC universities,” he wrote. “I thank Diddy for always supporting my efforts to help Belize in any way possible.”

See what you need to do to qualify for the scholarship below:

Shyne and Diddy have had a long and complicated relationship dating back to the late ’90s, but the pair have since put their differences aside and patched things up.

In 1999, Shyne, Diddy and his then-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez were attending a Manhattan nightclub where a shooting occurred. Shyne, just 20 at the time, was forced to make the rash decision to either defend himself and his friends or risk being shot by alleged instigator Matthew “Scar” Allen. So he pulled the trigger.

Ex-Bad Boy Shyne Explains How He + Diddy Repaired Friendship After Infamous NYC Club Shooting

While no one was killed, three people were injured, and Shyne was ultimately charged with attempted murder, assault and reckless endangerment. But Diddy, who was also arrested that night, was acquitted of all charges and their friendship was never the same. In fact, Shyne severed all ties with Diddy and Bad Boy Records.

For nearly 10 years, Shyne was behind bars at the Clinton Correctional Facility. In 2009, he was released from prison and to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) parental authority. He was then sent back to Belize, where he continued to fight for US citizenship.

Shyne (who changed his name to Moses Michael Levi Barrow in 2006) was elected to the Belizean House of Representatives in the 2020 general election, for which Diddy endorsed him. Shyne became Leader of the Opposition in 2022.

Nearly 10 years after being deported to his native Belize, Shyne stayed welcome back to the US in 2021 – and Diddy played a part in it too.

In June of this year, Shyne joined Diddy — among a number of other friends and former Bad Boy artists — on the 2022 BET Awards as a special guest performer when his former boss was honored with the BET Lifetime Achievement Award.

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