Sheek Louch recalls Pressuring Styles P’s stabbing victim

Sheek Louch has talked about the time he tried to convince Styles P’s stabbing victim to drop the charges against his fellow LOX copywriter.

Styles notorious served an eight-month stint in an upstate New York prison back in 2002 after stabbing a man in the buttocks following an argument.

In an interview with VladTV more than 20 years later, Louch revealed that he confronted the man at his home after the crime to try to convince him to drop the charges. However, his attempt failed.

“It was some hood shit, just like some regular shit on the block,” Louch said. “Homie went to court and said he did this and that. I tried to get him to stop. I actually went to the guy’s house. That’s a little joint n-gga from my hood. I went to his house and tried to convince him not to put my brother away. But he still did it. He still did it.”

He continued: “When it happened with Styles, it wasn’t ‘let me try to kill you’; it was more, ‘move, get the hell out of here’. Like little jabs, and that’s what happened. No wild shit.”

Later in the interview, Louch claimed that the victim was encouraged by witnesses to press charges in order to get some form of compensation.

“I knocked on his door [and he said], ‘I got you Sheek, man. It is over. It is nothing.’ And still actually put him away,” he recalled the man saying. “I thought the guy would say, ‘nothing happens, it’s over, but I think once you press charges, they follow up.”

The interview comes after Styles P pushed back the release of his A quiet wolf/penultimate album out of respect for the legendary music manager Hovain, who died last November. The project was supposed to drop on December 9; a new date has not yet been announced.

“The album A quiet wolf/penultimate is postponed from Dec. 9,” Styles wrote on Instagram. “Hovain was the one who would handle anything I had to do. I miss him a lot for several reasons, but I have to get my brain together. Meanwhile I dropped a music NFT @farmacyfantoms you can buy it with a credit card. Familiarize yourself with Web 3.”

The Yonkers native added in the caption, “Just me … I don’t like dealing with the industry. Gotta figure it out though.”

Styles P’s upcoming record will likely be one of his last outings as a solo artist. He wrote on Instagram last October that aside from collaborating with his LOX brothers, he will probably retiring from rap after the release of two more projects.

“I think I’ve let myself down a bit over the last few years,” he wrote. “Being a super hard working emcee and a health advocate. Firstly, I’m not really that good at multi-tasking, it’s actually my drive that keeps me going and that slack falls back on my family, business partners and colleagues .I thought harder about it and came to the conclusion that I need to step away from my solo career period (I think I gave you enough).

Styles P recalls the LOX almost fighting Mike Tyson to ‘protect’ Eve

Styles P’s last solo project was Ghost which dropped in 2021, but he was also linked with Havoc that same year for their joint effort Wreckage.

Ghost’s solo career is nearly as prolific as his work with The LOX, and last August he celebrated the 20th anniversary of his 2002 hit “Good Times” with a special concert in New York Citywhere Havoc, Smoke DZA, Statik Selektah and many others participated.

Elsewhere in his interview with VladTVSheek Louch talked about Young Thug’s RICO lawsuit and the number of co-defendants who have entered into plea agreements in the case.

“I think it’s absolutely terrible,” Sheek said of the pleas. “Whatever you’re into, if you’re not going to go all the way with it, there’s no place where that kind of shit can even look like bullshit. Thug, I’d get rid of all these muthafuckas around you and just take what they give you. Stop trusting these other guys, they’re not down with you.”

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