Shawnna clowns Keith Murray after oral sex allegations

Shawnna have messed with Keith Murray following the rapper’s claims that he once performed oral sex on her.

Murray’s comments came during a recent interview with The art of dialoguewhere he recalled in graphic detail an alleged encounter with the former Disturbing Tha Peace signee in a Miami hotel room.

“Shawnna was laying in bed like this [laid seductively]so I got on the bed and I touched her feet and massaged her,” he said. “Then I started massaging her legs, then boom, I started eating her pussy.”

Murray went on to admit that he “never fucked her” but claimed he “could have had two or three or four kids with her by now” if he had played his cards right.

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In response, Shawnna turned Murray’s claims into comedy fuel, using them to tease a new remix of her sassy 2005 hit “Get some.” In an Instagram video posted on Thursday (January 5), Murray’s explicit comments are chopped up and played over the beat of her oral sex anthem.

The video ends with a clip from the late night Rick James says, “Cocaine’s a helluva drug” from his appearance on Dave Chappelle’s Chappelle’s showand insinuates that the Def Squad MC is on drugs.

“@liltunechi gotta drop a GETIN SOME REMIX!!!!!!! To the remix!!!!!” Shawnna wrote in the caption while tagging Lil Waynewho appeared on the official “Gettin’ Some” remix along with Ludacris, Too $hort and Pharrell.

“Stop playing with me, I’m #Chicago[.] Long Live RICK JAMES BISH!!!!! @csnappa on she is spot on with it!!! [crying face emojis] beat her up!!”

Shawnna’s video comes after she denied Keith Murray’s claims in her first response. “If you’re here like Keith, you can go back home. I know you leafheads stick together,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “Goofy bitches, I could agree, you stupid mf.”

In her caption, she added: “You believe anything. Get help.”

Shawnna isn’t the only female rapper who has been forced to address rumors involving Keith Murray. Foxy brown was also thrust into the headlines recently after Murray claimed they were connected while she was in a relationship with Corrupt.

“Me and Foxy Brown, we became intimate friends,” he said in a separate interview with The art of dialogue. “In LA at the House of Blues, I’m with the Def Squad, we rocked the house. This is around the time she was going with Kurupt; I don’t know if they were married or not.”

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He continued: “After the show we rocked hardcore. We went into the hotel and she gave me hardcore head. And then I ate her pussy, but I never fucked her.”

Murray claimed he saw Kurupt as they left the hotel and believed Brown – who he said could “suck a nickel through a straw” – had set him up in an attempt to fan the flames. East Coast-West Coast rap beef back then.

“I said, ‘Yo, I see what you’re trying to do; you’re trying to pit two rappers against each other!'” he added. “So I spun and went the other way and she went straight to him.”

Foxy brown clapped back at Murray by taking a shot at his career trajectory. “N-ggaz ain’t pop since I shot Ya,” she wrote in an Instagram Story, referring to his appearance on LL COOL J’s “I Shot Ya (Remix)” in 1995.

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