Man makes guitars out of exit sign, mailbox, boat oar + more

Have you ever played a cigar box guitar? The usually home-made instrument follows the design of an ordinary one guitar. But they traditionally use a cigar box as a resonator. Of course, creative musicians who know some luthier can build cigar box guitars themselves – and not even necessarily out of cigar boxes!

Enter Shane Spalla guitar builder who is dazzled social media with his unique cigar box guitars for over two years. But Speal’s guitars take the idea a step further. Instead of using a cigar box, they use more unusual found objects as a resonator – an exit sign, a mailbox, boat oars, pipes, shovels. The list goes on.

Check out some of Speal’s videos at the bottom of this post.

At the guitar maker latest videoas Guitar world shown Speal shows some guitar riffs – i.a Metallica and Black Sabbath – on a two-string, scrap metal guitar.

“This is your old uncle Shane and this is my scrap guitar,” says the rocker. “When I play it, my back hurts!” But the iron guitar was actually built by a friend.

It was constructed with a “leftover scrap iron [and] a pair of rebars for the neck,” Speal explains. “It has a single-coil pickup that’s hardwired to the plug, and you play it with a guitar slide. [It was] built by my friend Pete Regan. And yes, kids, here’s your Metallica! Something like that…I’m more of one Megadeth hell, myself.”

Speal is also a writer, particularly on the subject of cigar boxes. His book Making poor man’s guitars is available on his website. “From a simple two-string tin can guitar to an electrified washbass, Shane shows how anyone can build amazing musical instruments,” reads a summary. Get your own copy here.

Shane Speal’s unique cigar box guitars

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