6 Most Revealing Moments From Selena Gomez’s Documentary ‘My Mind & Me’

While selena gomez has always been open about her struggles with mental health, lupus, heartbreak and the ups and downs of fame, but fans got a closer look than ever in her new, aptly titled AppleTV+ documentary, My mind & mewhich hits the streaming service on Friday (Nov. 4).

The Alek Keshishian-directed film is a raw look at mental health that pulls back the curtain of fame to reveal a young woman actively working on her complicated relationship with loving and accepting herself. “It’s OK to feel like you’re not good enough and to feel like you’re complicated and complex. It’s just about having a healthy relationship with how you talk to yourself, how you seek help, how you talk to other people, ” said Gomez at the premiere in Los Angeles of the film, of what she hopes people will take away from the film. “I hope this starts a chain reaction of people saying, ‘Hey, I want to talk about my mental health.’ I want to talk about it and seek help’. It is one of the bravest things anyone can do. Even if only one person is affected by this film, I would consider myself the luckiest girl.”

Ahead of the film’s official release, we’ve rounded up the most revealing moments. Look downstairs.

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